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NOTE: Before any update it is advised to backup your wordpress installation.

1.0 Method #1: Via autoupdate

NOTE: Eventon Auto update might not be available for some of you as we have reduced our update checking period on your installation to cut down on our server usage and to avoid server crashes. 

First activate your copy of eventON.

Go to Dashboard> Updates and click Check Again to run plugin update checker.

Go to Plugins> Installed Plugins if there is a new eventON update you should see it under the EventON plugin row.

Click Update Now to perform auto update.


2.0 Method #2: Manual Download from codecanyon

Go to My Account > Downloads and download the latest version of EventON zip file.


2.1 – FTP Way

Go into your FTP Client and navigate to ../wp-content/plugins/ folder in your website

Delete all the files inside EventON folder and replace with new files from the latest zip file you downloaded

Go to wp-admin Plugins> Installed Plugins and make sure the new version is updated on the site.

NOTE: You will NOT lose any saved settings by updating this way. As for styles and appearances, after updating via FTP go to myeventon settings and click save changes without making any changes to re-save styles and appearances.


2.2 – Back-end Way

In order to install new eventon version from backend please follow these steps.

First go into eventon settings and save Do not delete eventon settings when I delete EventON plugin and then Save Changes


Nexto to your website’s wp-admin Plugins > Installed Plugins and Deactivate eventon. If you have eventon addons you will see eventon missing notifications popping up at this moment and you can ignore these during the update process.

Next Delete eventon from your site.


Once eventon is deleted, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload the downloaded latest EventON version zip file

Once uploaded, go back to Plugins > Installed Plugins you will see 2 copies of EventON installed. Now activate newer version of eventON. At this point you are safe to delete the old version of eventON.



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