Last updated: 6 months ago

v 0.11 (2019-4-16)
ADDED: ux_val support for shortcode generator for event lists ext.
ADDED: date range based calendar to support today and rightnow
FIXED: shortcode atts passing array declaration
FIXED: Event order not recognized

v 0.10 (2018-6-12)
FIXED: Current month tab showing on event list
FIXED: fixed date cut off is not passing values correct

v 0.9 (2017-9-28)
ADDED: Custom date range based event lists
FIXED: Styles to load correctly on https domains

v 0.8 (2016-1-20)
FIXED: Error when start or end time is not set
FIXED: Hide multiple occurance making events not show with other calendars
UPDATED: Support for eventon 2.5 concatenated styles
REQUIRED: Eventon 2.5

v 0.7 (2015-10-27)
ADDED: Support to separate events by months
FIXED: No space above calendar when no title set
UPDATED: etop_month shortcode variable not needed any more

v0.6 (2014-9-18)
FIXED: Addon initial check and compatibility with eventon 2.2.18

v 0.5 (2014-9-10)
UPDATED: Compatibility with Eventon 2.2.17
FIXED: Users shortcode variable compatibility with actionUser

v 0.4 (2014-8-22)
UPDATED: Shortocode generator options to support more of the global variables
FIXED: Not activated error solved

v0.3 (2014-6-1)
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventON 2.2.12

v0.2 (2014-5-20)
FIXED: slowness in wp-admin

v 0.1 (2014-2-13)
Initial release

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