Changelog for PDFer

March 15, 2022

v 0.7 (2022-3-15)
FIXED: Call to undefined function WP_Filesystem()
ADDED: Missing POT file for backend translation

v 0.6 (2021-3-4)
FIXED: rsvp generate RSVP pdf opening new window with 0
FIXED: updated pdfdom library codes

v 0.5 (2021-1-20)
FIXED: RSVP pdfing function return false instead of data evors_email()

v 0.4 (2019-9-15)
FIXED: RSVP pdf generation errors
REMOVED: unused rsvp template file
REQ: EventON 2.7.3

v 0.3 (2019-4-19)
ADDED: download PDF file link in tickets order page on complete orders
FIXED: generate pdf to not show if order is not complete
FIXED: pdf file not attaching to the email
FIXED: re-send tickets email not including PDF file

v 0.2 (2019-4-16)
FIXED: addon initiation process update with instance
FIXED: resend ticket emails not working when PDF addon is installed

v 0.1 (2018-10-8)
Initial release

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