Changelog for Reminders

February 21, 2024

v 0.7 (2024-2-21)
FIXED: email message html content not saving

v 0.6 (2023-10-30)
FIXED: email message html content stripped off
FIXED: PHP 8.2 compatibility

v 0.5 (2022-3-21)
FIXED: get_reminder_prop() method array error
FIXED: unexpected code error on class-admin.php file
FIXED: PHP new version compatibility
FIXED: meta box display styles
UPDATED: Reminders emailing notice in settings

v 0.4 (2018-5-14)
FIXED: Reminders are not saving for correct times
FIXED: field naming error in settings

v 0.3 (2018-3-30)
FIXED: reminders on tickets addon causing save error

v 0.2 (2018-3-13)
ADDED: Ability to include HTML content inside message
ADDED: reminder notice to event edit meta box
ADDED: Separate event meta box for all reminders in one place
ADDED: cronjobs status of reminders for event
FIXED: unschedule cron jobs not recording correct
FIXED: skip reminders that are not set during event save
FIXED: resaving event with changes time creating new cron jobs instead of deleting old
FIXED: changing event time not deleting already created cron reminders
UPDATED: Consolidate reminder types

v 0.1 (2018-2-8)
Initial release

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