Changelog for FullCal

March 23, 2024

v 2.1.2 (2024-3-23)
FIXED: day name hover on top row to show tooltip under the day box
FIXED: Lightbox eventcard not interactive
FIXED: event list next to preload layout
FIXED: eventON 4.6.1 compatibility

v 2.1.1 (2024-1-29)
FIXED: server to pass DST adjusted day unix values
FIXED: draw grid with passed on day unix values instead of calculating
REQ: EventON 4.5.8

v 2.1 (2024-1-17)
FIXED: grid interaction style lightbox not showing map
FIXED: grid ux lightbox not running count down timers
FIXED: correct events not loading
FIXED: php 8.3 incompatibilities
UPDATE: minor layout and styles

v 2.0.5 (2023-7-6)
FIXED: eventON 4.4 compatibility

v 2.0.4 (2022-9-27)
FIXED: load full month not showing all events after filter
FIXED: grid popup with day names showing more when there is only 3 events

v 2.0.3 (2022-2-2)
ADDED: js trigger evofc_calendar_populated
FIXED: Show edit event button for each event effecting event title
FIXED: heat map custom color not working
FIXED: mo1st with grid_ux=2 open lightbox on switching months
FIXED: some events showing above the date number
UPDATED: calendar grid events to have event ID with repeat index as well

v 2.0.2 (2021-12-3)
FIXED: widget days not visible
FIXED: load full month no on view switcher still loading all month events
FIXED: legacy widget rendering content badly on backend

v 2.0.1 (2021-11-23)
FIXED: several style issues
FIXED: heat map not loading after filter
FIXED: names turn into dots on mobile

v 2.0 (2021-11-16)
ADDED: loading animation for grid
ADDED: compatibility with cal_init_nonajax=’yes’
ADDED: compatibility with view switcher
FIXED: grid top row hover event names getting cut off
UPDATED: Grid design layout

v 1.1.12 (2020-6-5)
FIXED: jumper months not showing all events in month on load
FIXED: multiple grids loading for calendar
FIXED: box border misalignments
UPDATED: Lightbox styles and colors, minor styles update

v 1.1.11 (2020-1-9)
FIXED: grid interaction lightbox showing empty box for days with no events
FIXED: events span across multiple days not showing name
FIXED: JSON global value gets overridden in the script

v 1.1.10 (2019-12-9)
FIXED: current month showing empty lightbox
FIXED: current month button not switching month view correct

v 1.1.9 (2019-11-25)
FIXED: more text string not translated
FIXED: jumper month animation issues
FIXED: disable connecting events style because of other errors

v 1.1.8 (2019-11-19)
FIXED: admin notice missing error
FIXED: Days in the calendar month grid not correct
FIXED: jumper months not switching month grid
FIXED: Other minor compatibility issues with eventON 2.8

v 1.1.7 (2019-11-12)
FIXED: moved ajax into a separate class of its own
FIXED: grid dot creation using JSON data
FIXED: searching events remove all grid styles
FIXED: addon initiation method
FIXED: ajax based load more events cause new day events to not show
FIXED: day hover tooltip location
UPDATED: Calendar to load via ajax method on load
UPDATED: Event data array to be passed in evofc_daybox_html filter
UPDATED: Styles for the calendar
REQ: EventON 2.8

v 1.1.6 (2018-7-24)
FIXED: grid with event names styles

v 1.1.5 (2018-7-9)
ADDED: Missing event type options in shortcode generator
ADDED: when grid ux is set to lightbox hide events showing on load
ADDED: main evo ajax completed trigger hook
ADDED: Support for event names in month grid
FIXED: hover over dates tooltip box getting cut off
FIXED: ligthbox events list not showing correct layers
FIXED: hover tooltip not showing correct for end of the month date
FIXED: Etc_override shortcode not reflecting on hover tooltips
FIXED: events next to grid not showing right
UPDATED: calendar resize as a separate function

v 1.1.4 (2017-9-20)
ADDED: Pluggable function for day box html
FIXED: Day events hover value not showing a number
UPDATED: Loader bar animation to be compatible with evo 2.6
UPDATED: Better hover box styles for event names

v 1.1.3 (2016-12-30)
FIXED: Minor style issues
FIXED: Font family update for eventon 2.5
FIXED: Widget contructor error
FIXED: focus day styles not showing correct via appearance
FIXED: PHP 7.1 compatibility

v 1.1.2 (2016-10-10)
ADDED: Compatibility with all month events
FIXED: Today grid box special style missing
UPDATED: Compatibility with checkbox style sort/filtering
UPDATED: New lightbox code compatibility for eventon 2.4.7

v 1.1.1 (2016-4-7)
FIXED: loadfullmonths set to no still loads full month when switching month

v 1.1 (2016-3-30)
ADDED: Ability to show events next to grid using nexttogrid=’yes’
FIXED: When calendar is set to hide fullCal still shows
FIXED: lightbox events showing events multiple times for double clicks
FIXED: MORE text in tooltip translation missing
FIXED: event names hover showing in multiple fullcal on same page
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.3.20

v 1.0 (2015-12-10)
ADDED: Ability to show first 3 event names when hover over date
ADDED: Option to choose event count & names for hover information
ADDED: Slightly modified minimal layout design
FIXED: compatibility with eventon 2.3.13
FIXED: if load full month of events below set, honor when switching months
FIXED: grid ux opening as lightbox to be able to close from clicking outside

v 0.31 (2015-8-31)
FIXED: new JQ Mobile breaking site, rolled back

v 0.30 (2015-8-26)
FIXED: Compatibility with WP 4.3
FIXED: Android phone days click not working on first try
UPDATED: JQuery mobile latest version 1.4.5

v 0.29 (2015-6-18)
FIXED: not working on widget

v 0.28 (2015-4-22)
UPDATED: compatibility with go to today button
UPDATED: compatibility with eventon 2.3.1
UPDATED: Calendar filter not working 100%
FIXED: event color undefined error
FIXED: error message saying FC is not activate and need eventon

v 0.27 (2015-2-13)
FIXED: February showing empty week in the grid
FIXED: Unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM on line 116

v 0.26 (2015-1-22)
FIXED: missing argument on line 238
UPDATED: Different solution for load fullcal javascript for widget

v 0.25 (2015-1-20)
ADDED: Heat style event color for event grid new shortcode var heat=’yes’
FIXED: Open event card by default compatibility with lightbox events
FIXED: Compatibility with eventON 2.2.22
FIXED: fullcal javascript to load when fullcal widget is called
FIXED: widget fullcal not showing correct with other calendars

v 0.24 (2014-10-31)
FIXED: Month jumper not working correct

v 0.23 (2014-9-18)
FIXED: End of month event not showing correct on grid
UODATED: Addon check function to be compatible with eventon 2.2.18
UPDATED: Widget Styles fixed

v0.22 (2014-9-10)
ADDED: grid_ux new shortcode variable for interaction for click on grid date box
ADDED: Ability to show all events of month on first load
FIXED: Other calendars placed after fullCal not working
FIXED: some days showing less number of events when end date is 1st
UPDATED: styles and javascript loads for https

v0.21 (2014-6-18)

  • UPDATED: Compatibility to eventon 2.2.13
  • UPDATED: Month grid not positioning correct on first load

v0.20 (2014- 6-12)

  • FIXED: previous month arrow not loading new month days

v0.19 (2014-6-10)

  • FIXED: unnecessary alert when clicking a date on calendar

v0.18 (2014-6-7)

  • FIXED: deactivation error
  • UPDATED mobile tap event on calendar grid date

v0.17 (2014-6-1)

  • UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.2.12

v0.16 (2014-5-20)

  • FIXED: Slowness in wp-admin

v0.15 (2014-5-13)

  • ADDED: dots on each date box to represent number of events on that day
  • UPDATED: slow load time and reduce number of queries

v0.14 (2014-4-12)

  • ADDED: shortcode variable to go to 1st of month when switching months
  • ADDED: Lang variable to shortcode generator
  • FIXED: language switching for L2 not working correct

v0.13 (2014-4-4)

  • FIXED: Languages other than L1 not working

v0.12 (2014-3-26)

  • UPDATED: compatibility with eventon 2.2.9

v0.11 (2014 -3-13)

  • FIXED: compatibility with eventON 2.2.8
  • UPDATED: grid design layout

v0.10 (2014-3-3)

  • FIXED: cal_id not defined error on fullcal widget

v0.9 (2014-2-13)

  • FIXED: eventon auto update error for fullCal
  • FIXED: day name on fullCal widget on FF and IE getting lost

v0.8 (2014-1-30)

  • ADDED: classes and update to javascript to only run fullcal AJAX on fullcal calendar
  • FIXED: calendar width changing when there are multiple fullcals on page
  • FIXED: incorrect event count on days
  • FIXED: Events panning across multiple months not showing correct on grid

v0.7 (2014-1-27)

  • FIXED: Events starting on last day of the month not showing as days with events
  • FIXED: Start of the week issue
  • UPDATED: fullcal styles and scripts to load only when needed to improve site speed
  • ADDED: Calendar date color customization to eventON settings

NOTE: This version require EventON 2.2.5 or higher

v0.6 (2013 -12

  • FIXED: Start of the week issue

v0.5 (2013 -11-30)
FIXED: widget and added a field to set ID for cal

v0.4 (201311-21)

  • FIXED: multiple calendar width issue for the grid
  • FIXED: focus day when changing months
  • UPDATED: (core) pluggable function to solve widget breaking sidebars
  • UPDATED: Compatibility to eventON 2.2

v0.3 (2013-10-9)

  • FIXED: Interferance of code with daily view addon
  • FIXED: Empty days on calendar grid hover effect removed
  • FIXED: widget variables fixed_month and fixed_year not working
  • ADDED: tooltip for number of events for calendar days
  • ADDED: new month switching animation – slide months horizontally
  • ADDED: event type category shortcode variable support
  • ADDED: fixed_day shortcode variable support
  • ADDED: event type variable to FullCal widget

v0.2 (2013- 8-6)

  • ADDED: full grid month style widget is now comes with this addon
  • ADDED: Support for fixed month and fixed year – in shortcode variables
  • FIXED: Full cal month start day can now be controled by default WP start of the week
  • FIXED: Filter issue that was causing error when using more than one filter at a time

v 0.1

  • Initial release

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