Changelog for Single Events

May 20, 2014

Single events is now a part of main eventon plugin!

v 1.1.6 (2016-9-14)
ADDED: Event ID for event list in shortcode generator
FIXED: Order events by event name for list in shortcode generator
FIXED: Twitter showing 2 urls

v 1.1.5 (2016-8-29)
UPDATED: HTTPS correct asset loading URL
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventON v 2.4.4 custom map marker icons
UPDATED: Repeat event header UI for single event page

v 1.1.4 (2016-8-16)
FIXED: Linkedin and googleplus links for repeating events
FIXED: Email share for repeating events not shownig correct link
FIXED: repeat events header dates not translated correct
REQUIRED: 2.4 eventon

v 1.1.3 (2016-5-19)
ADDED: Option for event box to open eventcard as slidedown
ADDED: Event dropdown list into shortcode generator for eventbox
FIXED: Single repeating events header dates incorrect
FIXED: This is a repeating event translation missing in language

v 1.1.2 (2016-3-10)
FIXED: error string printed on single events page

v 1.1.1 (2016-3-3)
ADDED: Single events box to support repeat interval
FIXED: Styles for repeat intervals selection in individual event page
FIXED: ux_val 4 not working on individual event box
FIXED: single events page not showing up because of theme conflict in styles

v 1.1 (2015-1-14)
ADDED: Repeat information bar to single events page
ADDED: Support for new user interaction values for single event box
ADDED: Support for linking single event box to external links
FIXED: individual event’s loggedin only visibility for event
FIXED: facebook share not working with repeat information
FIXED: Single events box not opening events page correct
UPDATED: eventcard content to no load on page if not needed for single event box
TESTED: single event template editing via child theme works

v 1.0 (2015-11-16)
ADDED: Email events as sharing option
ADDED: Ability to restrict single event pages to loggedin users
ADDED: Support for language variables for single event box
ADDED: Article author for facebook share
FIXED: Pinterest not working
UPDATED: File structure fo addon files
UPDATED: Single event social share icons can be rearranged in eventcard order now

v 0.18 (2015-10-20)
FIXED: Single event page month title not translating

v 0.17(2015-5-21)
UPDATED: @media queries for single page template sidebar

v0.16 (2015-3-29)
FIXED: twitter not sharing the URL correct

v0.15 (2015-1-5)
FIXED: Description field not cropping correct for header meta fields

v0.14 (2014-12-20)
FIXED: Repeating events to show correct single event page
FIXED: Popup single events getting redirected
FIXED: social share buttons for facebook and google plus to have images
FIXED: Facebook share on mobile platform

v0.13 (2014-9-18)
FIXED: Compatibility with eventon 2.2.18 and addon intial check

v0.12 (2014-6-1)
ADDED: User interaction open as single event for global calendar setting to shortcode generator
ADDED: Single event pages to support language translations based off calendar
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventON 2.2.12
FIXED: Other minor bugs

UPDATED: Slowness on wp-admin pages

FIXED: event box open by default not working has been solved
FIXED: social icons hover height issue

v0.9 (2014-2-13)
FIXED: EventON auto update error caused by addons and compatibility to eventON 2.2.7

v0.8 (2014-1-27)
ADDED: Ability to show social share icons only on single event pages or everywhere
ADDED: Ability to open single event box as popup lightbox
ADDED: Improvement to single event box shortcode to allow expanded eventCard adding via shortcode
ADDED: pluggable filter evo_se_social_media and evo_se_setting_fields to allow social media additions
ADDED: Facebook share button
UPDATED: Sidebar functionality
FIXED: event type name not appearing
FIXED: undefined constant eventon error
FIXED: Multiple URLs on twitter share
FIXED: facebook script loading multiple times

v0.7 (2013-12-3)
FIXED: single event template error

FIXED: removed error on double comment boxes and sidebar

v0.5 (201311-21)
ADDED: Comments on single event page
ADDED: Event excerpt box. For single event box, now you can add your own custom event excerpt details or have the excerpt auto generate from full event details.
ADDED: Event start month and year to the header of single event page
UPDATED: compatibility with eventON 2.2
UPDATED: moved single event template php files inside “templates” folder
FIXED: Facebook social share button code updated
FIXED: JQuery delegate()=>on()
FIXED: incorrect guide instructions

v0.4 (2013-8-6)
TWEAKED: Compatibilty to eventON 2.1.14
ADDED: Shortcode to add one event detail box linking to event page — [add_single_eventon]
ADDED: Single event box can also be set to a short excerpt of details

v0.3 (2013-6-26)
FIXED: Minor tweaks and bugs fixed

UPDATED: to work with changed pluggable function in eventon

v0.1 (2013-5-7)
Initial Release

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