Changelog YearlyView

September 24, 2020

v 0.5 (2020-9-24)
FIXED: open in new window not working with yearlyview
FIXED: yearlyview integration with eventon primary and secondary fonts
FIXED: undefined ux_val error

v 0.4 (2020-2-28)
FIXED: missing addon activation box in eventon addons

v 0.3 (20202-24)
FIXED: Minor date circle not centered issue
FIXED: Calendar font family for dates

v 0.2 (2020-1-14)
FIXED: end range time not setting correct to 23:59:59
FIXED: external linked events still opening as lightbox
REQ: eventON 2.8.5

v 0.1 (2019-11-20)
Initial release

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