Getting Started with Event Lists:Ext Addon

June 14, 2024

This is a basic guide on how to get started on using the Event Lists:Ext addon.

Creating Past and upcoming events list

When you are creating a shortcode for past events list in the shortcode generator there are few things to make sure this actually works.

Make sure you select Event list type value. If you don’t set number of months, it will assume that is 1 and will get events from 1 month in the past/future including current month.


In order to use event count, you need to set number of months. Reason being, by setting number of months you are telling the system to look for events in a time range as opposed to wildly going on about it. So if you want to show past 5 events, but your first past event is 2 months ago, make sure you set the number of months to be at least 3 or more.

NOTE: setting a higher number of months number does not mean it will include all the events from those months as long as you have set an event count limit.

Month name of eventTop

By default the shortcode generator will show month name (3 letters) on eventTop. Because you want people to know which month an event belong to if you have events from several months in the list.

Cut-off time

You have 3 options for this. Fixed time option will allow you to select day, month and year and this will consider 12:00 am of that day as the cut-off for either past or upcoming events list.

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