Event Post Meta Variables

June 14, 2024

EventON Events are saved as WordPress posts and custom data for events are stored as custom post meta. The table below further explains what those variable names are and what they do and what type of information is saved on them.

Variable Name Description
evcal_subtitle Event subtitle name
evcal_srow UNIX event start value
evcal_erow UNIX event end value
evo_event_timezone Event custom timezone text
evcal_event_color event HEX color code
evcal_event_color_n Event color number calculated as the average value of RGB values of event color
evcal_allday (yes|no) All day event or not
evo_location_tax_id Location taxonomy ID
evcal_hide_locname Hide Location Name on eventcard
evcal_name_over_img Location name over location image
evcal_gmap_gen (yes|no) Generate google maps from location address
evo_organizer_tax_id Organizer taxonomy ID
evo_evcrd_field_org Event organizer hide from eventcard (yes/no)
evcal_lmlink Learn more link address
evcal_repeat (yes|no) Repeat event
repeat_intervals (array) Each repeat interval start and end times
_evcal_exlink_option User interaction for event option value
evo_hide_endtime (yes|no) Hide end time of an event
evo_exclude_ev (yes|no) Exclude event from calendar
_featured (yes|no) Featured event
_cancel (yes|no) Cancelled event
evo_year_long (yes|no) Year long event
_evo_month_long (yes|no) Month long event
_evcal_ec_f{x}a1_cus Custom meta data field value. x represent the index of the field (1+)

Event Location and organizer information is saved into taxonomy instead of event post meta since version 2.4 – Taxonomies of EventON

Array Event Post Meta Data

EventON also contains some of event post meta data as sanitized array saved inside a single event post meta field _edata

How to access event array meta data

You can use Evo_Event object to access the event array meta data. Below is one example.

Values stored in array event post meta

Event Health Guidelines Data

_health_mask — yes/no

_health_temp — yes/no

_health_pdis — yes/no

_health_san — yes/no

_health_out — yes/no

_health_other — yes/no

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