How to set up Virtual Online Events

August 28, 2023

  1. Go to Events > Events in your website and go into event edit page from wordpress wp-admin
  2. Under virtual events enable virtual event and click Configure virtual event details.
  3. This will open up virtual event lightbox. From here you can configure various virtual event options for this event.

Virtual Event Details

You can select various broadcasting methods supported by EventON. If you use zoom, you can connect to their API via EventON and create meetings directly from this lightbox.

  1. If you are using a 3rd party streaming service you will need to access their website set up scheduled streams and then grab the stream information from the 3rd party service for the event. Such as server URL and access pass.
  2. If you are using a pre-recorded video of an event, you can upload the video into your website Media section and get a URL to that video or upload the video to an outside website and get a URL for the video, which you can then use as the  Embed Event Video HTML Code
  3. If you have an embed code for the 3rd party video streaming services you can also include that under (Optional) Embed Event Video HTML Code.
  4. Select when this event video access information will be visible to customers under “When to show the above virtual event information on event card

After Event Information

After-event content allows you to show visitors various supporting content, to continue user engagement after an event is over. Sort of bridge a gap.

This section of the settings will allow you to control when to show that content.

Addon Extensions to After-event settings

Event Reviews addon – will add option for users to leave a review after an event.

RSVP Addon – you can tie RSVP addon, so a user will need to be RSVPed for an event to be able to view the after event content.

Tickets Addon – Similarly you can tie tickets addon to restrict after-event content only to users who bought a ticket for the event.

Additional Virtual Settings

You can set Event Status and Event Attendance mode as well to match online settings. This will help update event Schema data that will be beneficial for SEO visibility. Event Status, will also create a Online tag for this event.

Virtual Plus Addon Additions

Virtual Plus addon will allow you to create pre-event content, similar to after-event.

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