How to set up Virtual Online Events

October 29, 2020

In EventON 2.8.9 we have added a dedicated virtual events support for eventON events with several popular video streaming services. Below is how to set up virtual events.

Virtual Event Setup

  1. Create a new event and fill in event name, date and other information.
  2. Find the Virtual Event button and enable that.
  3. This will give you several ways to broadcast your event. You can use a scheduled live stream link or a pre-recorded video URL. Live video services like zoom, youtube live, facebook live, periscope are several options available. Based on the service you use fill in the necessary fields.
    1. If you are using a 3rd party streaming service you will need to access their website and set up scheduled streams and then grab the stream information from the 3rd party service for the event. Such as server URL, Access pass.
    2. If you are using a pre-recorded video of event, you can upload the video into your website Media section and get a URL to that video or upload the video at other convenient location and get a URL for that which you can then use as the  Event Video URL
    3. If you have a embed code for the 3rd party video streaming services you can also include that under (Optional) Embed Event Video Code
  4. Select when this event video access information will be visible to customers under “When to show the above virtual event information on event card
  5. Save changes and publish your virtual event.


Other Virtual Event Setups

On EventON 2.8.7 we have added compatibility for events to be created as virtual events. Which also have complete support on schema SEO data to properly provide event data to search engine crawlers so your virtual events can be indexed in search engines and track traffic for them. Aside the above virtual event set up you can also follow below guide to set up your event to provide proper Schema Data  for search engines.

  1. Set event status as Moved online – You can also use the More details.. space to include details about online event details like video access information etc.
  2. Set event date and time for the event when you are planning to go live on the video streams for the online event.
  3. Under Location and Venue create a new location. You can fill in location name and other relevant information.
  4. Use Link for Location field to enter the online video source link. Set Location Type to Virtual Location.
  5. Save changes and publish your event


Video Tutorial

Watch how to create virtual events



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