How to show only certain event types calendar on another site

September 25, 2020

For this example we are going to assume we have all the events in site A and we want to show only certain event type events in site B.

Site A, have eventON and eventON API installed and all the events created in there.

Site B does not have eventON.

Step 1 Create page in site B

Create a page where we want to show the event calendar.

Step 2: Copy eventON API code from site A

Go to your website A and go to eventON settings > EventON APIĀ  and copy the code.

Step 3: Paste the API Code into Site B

Now head back to your site B and paste the api code into the new page. If you are using gutenerg editor make sure to use a classic block and switch to code editor, so you can paste the code into the page.


Step 4: Replace the API URL

From your site A find the event type filtered URL. Which would look something like this:


Here, we are only showing events from event_type = 6. On the code in site B replace the api url with this new url.


That is it. Make sure to save changes and the new page in site B will show EventON Calendar with events from only the set event type category.


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