General Shortcode Guide

December 30, 2020

EventON support several shortcodes with different variations which can be used to achieve a lot more than what you may have think that you can do. Below will provide a guide to the possible available shortcodes with main eventON plugin as well as eventON addons.


Read more about using and getting access to EventON shortcode menu.



Show the basic default eventON calendar. Variables that works within this shortcode:


cal_id (integer or string)

This variable (“cal_id”) is only needed if you have more than one calendar and need to separate them. Otherwise, this variable is NOT required.

If you do need to separate 2 or more calendars on a page, you need to use the variable “cal_id” plus a unique integer or string. The unique integer or string is a combination of letters or numbers unique to each calendar so they can be separated.

The cal_id is something you have to make, it can be whatever number or a string you can come up with — only requirement is that it be unique.


Calendar 1: [code] [add_eventon cal_id=”1st”][/code]

Calendar 2: [code] [add_eventon cal_id=”2nd”][/code]

Calendar 3: [code] [add_eventon cal_id=”3rd”][/code]



event_type & event_type_2 (integer)

These variables represent the two customizable taxonomies (event categories), that can be assigned to each event. Possible values for these variables are tag_ID of the event type category separated by commas. This can be used to show events of a certain event type only in the calendar.

For example: if you have three taxonomies or general categories for your calendar (under event_type category): Celebration (tag_ID 3), Entertainment (tag_ID 5), and Testing (tag_ID 19).

If you only want events under the celebration and testing categories to show up use this code: [code] [add_eventon event_type=”3,19″][/code]

If you only want events under the entertainment category to show up use this code: [code] [add_eventon event_type=”5″][/code]

Similar things can be done with event_type_2 category. Learn more about how to do more with event_type



event_count (integer)

This should be the number of events you have to show in a month. This variable can be used to limit the number of events.

[code] [add_eventon event_count=”5″][/code]



month_incre (string)

Using this variable you can create calendars with different starting months – the increment value will be fixed so the months will change as you move to a new month.

[code] [add_eventon month_incre=”+4″][/code]

The value should be plus or minus the number of months you want to change.



fixed_month & fixed_year (integer)

This variable require both these values to be present at the same time. Together can be used to set a fixed month for the calendar that will not change as the year progress.

[code] [add_eventon fixed_month=”10″ fixed_year=”2013″][/code]



hide_past (string)

This variable allow you to hide past events from today’s date for a shortcode driven calendar without having to set this as a general sitewide option in myeventON Settings.

Possible values: yes, no

[code][add_eventon hide_past=”yes”][/code]




With this variable you can set the order in which the events are shown. DESC will reverse the default order. Default value for this variable is set to ASC (ascending order)  – which is events closer to today are shown above the events that are further away in the future.


ft_event_priority (yes/no)

With eventON 2.2 you were able to feature events. Using this variable you can now move these featured events above regular events.


show_upcoming & number_of_months (integer) 

Both these variables are required to be present in the shortcode for it to work properly. With these variables you can create an upcoming events list separated by months.

show_upcoming variables by default is set to zero(0) and this should be set to 1 if you want to show upcoming events list.

[code] [add_eventon show_upcoming=”1″ number_of_months=”2″][/code]


jumper (yes|no)

This will turn on the month jumper for a calendar. Jumper will allow fast switching to different months.

jumper_offset (int) jumper start year offset for the year values in jumper

exp_jumper (yes|no) expand the jump months on first load


etc_override (yes|no)

This refers to event type color override. Which would make the calendar individual event colors on leftside border be replaced (or overridden) by the colors you have set for event type category terms.

[code] [add_eventon etc_override=”yes”][/code]


evc_open (yes|no)

Open event cards of the calendar by default or not.

[code] [add_eventon evc_open=”yes”][/code]


ux_val (integer)

This variable in the shortcode defines how the user clicks on the eventTop row interacts or what action it should do upon the click. Below are possible values and what they would do.

X – Clicks do not do anything

1 – (Default) Slide down EventCard

2 – Open events as learn more links – If an event does not have learn more link, it will use event external link or event page link.

3 – Open EventCard as lightbox

4 – Open events as single events


accord (yes|no)

This will make your eventon calendar event open as an accordion. Open one event and close all others that are opened.


show_et_ft_img (yes|no)

Adding this to variable to the shortcode will show featured images as thumbnail on the eventTop.


only_ft (yes|no)

Setting this to yes would show only the featured events in the calendar.


lang (string)

Change the language or the eventON calendar. Currently eventON support upto 3 custom language which can be added in eventon settings > language

[code][add_eventon lang=’L1′][/code]


exp_so (yes/no)

Expand sort options on calendar load or not.

[code][add_eventon exp_so=’yes’][/code]


hide_so (yes/no)

Setting this to yea will hide the calendar sort options bar under the calendar month/year on front-end calendar.

[code][add_eventon hide_so=’yes’][/code]


tiles (yes|no)

This will activate tile view for eventON calendar. Tile support was added since eventON 2.3 Couple of other supporting shortcode variables for the tiles shortcodes are:

tile_height (int) – height of the tile

tile_bg (string) – background color HEX number

tile_count (int) – number of tiles in a row


hide_mult_occur (yes|no)

Use this to hide multiple occurrence of events – that may span for several months – when creating multi-month event list.

[code][add_eventon hide_mult_occur=’yes’ number_of_month=’3′][/code]


show_repeats (yes|no)

When hide_mult_occur is on setting this to yes will show all repeating events or else it will only show first occurrence of the repeating event.

Added: EventON version 2.3.3

[code][add_eventon hide_mult_occur=’yes’ show_repeats=’yes’][/code]



cal_init_nonajax (yes|no)

Load initial calendar without AJAX calls. Setting this to yes will load the calendar when page loads instead of running an initial AJAX call to get calendar HTML content via JSON.

[code][add_eventon cal_init_nonajax=”yes”][/code]

// For Event List Calendar Only


number_of_months (int)

This define how many months to show in the event list.

Default 1



show_year (yes|no)

Will show the year next to month name in event lists. This is useful when you have events across two years.


hide_empty_months (yes | no)

This will hide the empty months from the list of events that is showing more than one month in the list.

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