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June 14, 2024


Use this function to display the EventON calendar inside a page template. This function does not need to be placed inside the WP loop.

Note: ajde_evcal_calendar() function also support how ever this function is deprecating.


NOTE: $args variable is used only when you are passing other variable values to the calendar.

Default Usage



(integer/string) (optional) This is a unique id that could be set to identify a single calendar (if there are multiple calendars in a single page). The cal_id can be any number, letters, or combination of both that you can come up with – only requirement is that it is unique.


(integer)  List of event type taxonomy tag IDs separated by commas. Default is ‘all’.


(integer) List of event type 2 taxonomy tag IDs separated by commas. Default is ‘all’.


(integer) Is the offset number of months in a +/- integer representing the offset that will push the starting month of the calendar by this offset number. Default is 0.


(integer) Number of events to show per month in the calendar. Default is 0.


(integer) Enable upcoming events list on the calendar. Default is 0 (false).

  • 0 – default, no upcoming list
  • 1 – show upcoming list


(integer) Specify the number of months to show in the case of upcoming months list. MUST  be used with show_upcoming parameter. Default is 0.

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