Using an SMTP Mail Plugin To Solve Email Delivery Issues in EventON

October 19, 2021

EventON uses the wp_mail() function to send email notifications and confirmation emails to customers and admins.

The wp_mail function is not very reliable and emails submitted from your site might not get delivered to the recipient. In such situations, EventON has no control over the outcome since this is a core WordPress feature. To fix email delivery issues such as these, we recommend installing an SMTP plugin which basically takes over the email submission process from the wp_mail() function and ensures that emails from your domain are authenticated for better chances of delivery.

Why would wp_mail() not work?

One reason why the wp_mail() function would not send emails from your website is that by default it relies on your web host’s email server. And sometimes web hosting companies will block mail sending if too many emails are being sent out.

Which SMTP plugin?

There are a couple of free SMTP plugins that you can choose from on the WordPress plugins repository eg: WP Mail SMTP by WPForms , Easy WP SMTP , YaySMTP and WP SMTP

These plugins allow you to use other high-volume mail servers like Gmail and Sendgrid. If you are having issues with sending or receiving emails with EventON you can opt to use one of these 3rd party SMTP plugins.

Once configured these plugins will use the SMTP mail servers instead of the default mail server from your web host.

How to test if emails are working

If you go to EventON Settings » Diagnose you can enter an email address and send a test email to check if the EventON mailer is working on your website. If you had trouble sending and receiving emails before, using an SMTP mail plugin should resolve those problems.

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