What is optimal image size for calendar

March 9, 2016

Images used in eventON calendar shows full size in most cases, unless it is a thumbnail view.

How to find the optimal image size for best view?

The optimal image size is relative to what your commonly used viewing platform. If you or your customers are using PC to view eventON calendar then the perfect image width should be that of the website content area.

If your viewers look at your calendar on mobile then you can use lower resolution image around 600px width.

The best way to determine the best image size is to see how wide the calendar look in your website – if your website maxium width is 1000px and calendar is only 700px width on the page then you can use 700px width images for event images.

If you are using tile view, the image size depend on how many times you have in a row and how wide the tile is in pixels. And also on the fact whether these events are going to be shown using single event addon for fullwidth event page.

Bottom line is there is NO optimal value for event featured image. The optimal size for image depend on your use of calendar and how wide the image looks. And whether you want to load maximum page width image at all times.

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