Last updated: 1 year ago

v 1.0.2 (2018-6-12)
FIXED: eventtop styles
FIXED: separate events by month not working

V 1.0.1 (2017-10-23)
FIXED: Event count variable name fix in settings page
UPDATED: eventon 2.6 styles match
UPDATED: settings explanations of usage

v 1.0 (2017-5-31)
ADDED: call to jquery file in the code
ADDED: support for passing dynamic parameters via API URL
ADDED: Loading text for external calendar
ADDED: Support for featured image on the external calendar
ADDED: Ability to override event type color for events on external calendar
FIXED: minor style issues
UPDATED: Addon initiation process to comply with eventon 2.5+

v 0.4 (2017-4-3)
FIXED: Styles that were missing for certain elements
FIXED: Open events in same page from API not working

v 0.3 (2017-1-6)
ADDED: Option to separate events by month names

v 0.2 (2016-8-24)
ADDED: Support to show single event with event ID
ADDED: More number of months selection
FIXED: Number of months option not working for regular API
UPDATED: Styles for calendar

v 0.1 (2016-6-27)
Initial release

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