Changelog for RSVP Events Waitlist

January 6, 2021

v 0.5 (2021-1-6)
FIXED: incorrect translation on eventcard not working
FIXED: manage capacity separate for repeats notice
FIXED: missing notice when repeat capacity is enable waitlist is not working
FIXED: eventtop showing na as space remaining count
REQ: rsvp 2.6.14

v 0.4 (2020-2-11)
FIXED: missing text strings in translations
FIXED: Compatibility with events with no rsvp space left
FIXED: new form success message when added to waitlist auto

v 0.3 (2019-1-21)
FIXED: waitlist event top notification showing on all rsvp events

v 0.2 (2019-1-16)
FIXED: Addons setting inclusion

v 0.1 (2018-12-27)
Initial release

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