How to hook into eventTop

July 11, 2018

Since the eventON version 2.2.23 we have added several hooks that you can use to add content to eventTop 2 locations. Let’s take a look at how to add some text in the eventTop. Add the below codes to function.php



This part will hook into the first available place in eventTop in the order of other eventTop content. — Which is right under the eventTop categories and other information. You can also use eventon_eventtop_two hook which would add your content to the eventTop right after span.evcal_desc3, (which would be under all the eventTop event data) — but in this example our content will get added into the span.evcal_desc3

Also the variables passed into above function are:

$array – array of other event top items added before this

$evvals – event post meta values as an array

$passval – this contain an array of (‘eventid’, ‘ri’,’fields_’,’fields’) – event id, repeat interval of the current event, event top fields




In this we include our element index as custom for the switch statement in eventon-eventTop.php — so the custom index would also run through in the switch statement. (in includes/eventon-eventTop.php line 24)




This is where we output the HTML when switch statement (mentioned above) get to run on our custom index which would run the filter eventon_eventtop_custom() and that would run this function and output HTML content. One other thing to note here is, $event_id and  $event_pmv (event post meta) are variables available for you to use in your HTML.




In order to give the final touch we add some styles targeting the new content — <span> with class name custom_code.(in this example) In here we hook the styles to throw in the header of the webpage using wp_head but you can also use other ways to write these styles.


Final Result



The above code saved in your theme function.php will produce a final result like what you see above. This is just an example and you can do more with similar code.

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