How to add additional fields to download attendees CSV file

April 29, 2019

Create a CSV column header

For every new field you will need to add a new header field eg. Field Name


Add CSV row value

Similar to the above column values, for each data row you will need to add a new value for the new column field you added.

How to get custom values

The second part of the code, pass on the value for each row of attendee. The function get variables $tn (ticket number), $td (ticket data array) and $EVENT (main event class) You can use those to create values for the new field you are adding to each attendee in the CSV file.


$td – the ticket data array holds an array of data for the ticket. You can use print_r($td) within the code to see what information is there and use correct associate path in the array to show those information.

eg. $td[‘oD’][‘ordered_date’] – will get you the date the ticket was ordered.

$td[‘oDD’][‘order_id’] – will give you order ID for the ticket.

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