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CODE: To add additional healthcare guidelines

May 26, 2022

NOTE: All the code below can be added into functions.php file in the theme or as a plugin.

Add select option in event edit meta box

Below pluggable code will add the yes/no check box field into the healthcare guidelines section in the event edit page. So for every event this can be selected easily on the go.

Above code will add the “Negative Test Required” yes/no field into the meta box as below.

To show this on frontend

Below code can be modified as you wish to show the healthcare information on the event frontend. In the below case we are using “thermometer-half” as the icon symbol to go along with this. This can be customized using any of the other supported font awesome icons that comes pre-loaded with eventON.

Above code (if enabled within the event) will show the information on event frontend as below.


Translate Front-end String

With EventON version 4.0.7 you can use the below code the translate the custom healthcare guide item text via EventON Language values.



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