How to add new social share icons

July 9, 2019

NOTE: all the customization code can go in functions.php file in your theme or inside a plugin.

Add the new social share icon to settings to be able to select.

Note the ID we need to use a unique ID that will also be used in below to identify this social share option.


Next create the structure of the sharing HTML that need to go in the frontend of the website and connect it with the pluggable filter.

Depending on the social media site you use the URL to share on the site may change. In the above example the sharer URL look like this (for linkedin)

Dynamic Parameters in the URL

PERMALINK – this will be replaced with event link

TITLE – this will be replaced with event title

SUMMARY – this will be replaced with an excerpt of the event details.


In our above example we are using the fontawesome icons¬†<i class=”fa fa-share”></i> You can use font awesome icons guide to set up custom icons or use your own.

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