How To Switch From WooCommerce Blocks to Shortcode-Based Cart & Checkout Pages

June 11, 2024

Starting with WooCommerce version 8.3, the Cart and Checkout Blocks are the default for new installations. While these blocks help to improve the checkout flow, they are not currently supported by the EventON Tickets addon.

If you’re unsure whether your WooCommerce checkout page is using the new blocks, compare it to these images showing how the pages appear in the WordPress admin interface:

Block-based cart page

Block-based checkout page

Shortcode-based cart page

Shortcode-based checkout page

If your site is using the block-based cart and checkout pages, we recommend going to Pages → Add new and creating two new blank pages. You can give one the title of Cart New and the other one Checkout New.

On the Checkout page, add the Shortcode block in WordPress or simply enter the following shortcode to create a new shortcode-based checkout page:

To create a Cart page, follow the same steps and add the following shortcode:

Next, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced and select the two new pages under the respective setting as shown below:

Once done, click Save and that’s it!

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