Google Add to cal

May 5, 2022

Software version this patch fix applies to: eventon 4.0.6

EventON Software: EventON Main

File name/directory this applies to: includes/class-event.php

What is solved with this patch fix: add to google cal all day events end date incorrect

Code fix text: // modify end unix for google cal $modified_end_unix = $this->is_all_day() ? $event_times['end'] + 86400: $event_times['end']; $start = date_i18n( $format , $event_times['start'] ). $format_e; $end = date_i18n( $format , $modified_end_unix ). $format_e;

Additional instructions: make sure to add the first 2 lines in the code and adjust the code for $end parameter value as shown in the image above.

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