How to apply a patch fix

June 14, 2024

A patch fix is a code change that we will share with customers to resolve an issue with the current version. The shared patch fix will be populated into public release version of the software in the next version — so the patch fix will not be overridden by updating the plugin.

Layout of the Shared Patch Fix

This is an example of a patch fix we will share in the most cases. We will highlight on the left side which folder directory the file to make changes is located at within the plugin.

We will circle the file name.

We will circle and/or point out where the code need to be changed. This is what you will need to change in your version of the code to apply this change.

How to Apply Patch Fix

You can easily apply the patch fix by making the changes to the code as mentioned in the shared patch fix image. To make changes to code you can use FTP or Plugin Editor.

// FTP

Login to your web server using FTP client and using FTP access information. Which you can get from your web hosting provider. This will usually be a URL, username, password, and port number.

Once you get in with FTP client you can navigate to file mentioned in the patch fix and open the file, make changes and save changes and upload the file back. You may have to clear cache to see the changes taking into effect.

// Plugin Editor

If you can not find Plugins > Plugin Editor in your WordPress site, you must enable plugin editor first. Once in the plugin editor, select the plugin, and from the Plugin Files list on the right side select the correct file within folders and make changes in the code and save the changes.

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