ICS download events not working

May 5, 2022

Software version this patch fix applies to: eventon 4.0.6

EventON Software: EventON Main

File name/directory this applies to: ../includes/class-evo-helper.php

What is solved with this patch fix: ICS download events not working in settings

Code fix text: public function get_ics_format_from_unix($unix, $separate = true){ $enviro = new EVO_Environment(); $unix = $unix - $enviro->get_UTC_offset(); if( !$separate) return $unix; $new_timeT = date("Ymd", $unix); $new_timeZ = date("Hi", $unix); return $new_timeT.'T'.$new_timeZ.'00Z'; }

Additional instructions: Add this part of the code to the file after line 216. This code is missing in the public release.

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