Changelog for Event Seats

May 30, 2024

v 1.2.6 (2024-5-30)
FIXED: force load seat map data from fresh DB query
FIXED: deprecated error with PHP 8.2
FIXED: seat details not showing in email

v 1.2.5 (2024-4-15)
FIXED: slidedown event card not loading the seat map

v 1.2.4 (2023-3-8)
FIXED: one click add to cart not working for unassigned seating
FIXED: seat added to cart showing seat text under section
FIXED: Seat information in cart to show seat details similar to on event
FIXED: multiple events on page not loading seat map correctly

v 1.2.3 (2023-8-21)
FIXED: one click add to cart not working right

v 1.2.2 (2023-8-3)
ADDED: eventon tickets environment setup check before initiate addon
FIXED: seat map image not saving correctly
FIXED: on evetcard seat map not loading after slide down event
FIXED: one-click add seat to cart not working
UPDATED: eventcard seatmap data to load via endpoint ajax

v 1.2.1 (2023-7-20)
ADDED: new seat map size 650×600
ADDED: seat shape option with box and circle seat shapes
ADDED: Booth name visible on booth shape
ADDED: lightbox based seat map
FIXED: seat editor highlight color
FIXED: static seat details alignment
FIXED: font styles
UPDATED: seat editor design and layout
UPDATED: seat design and layout

v 1.2 (2023-7-12)
ADDED: admin seat map editor moved to new lightbox system
ADDED: delete section button to main editor view
ADDED: fixed tooltip on hover to show a default message
ADDED: booth seat type – Beta
ADDED: more clear data for the type of seat
ADDED: Seats in progress count to admin seat map editor
FIXED: loading scripts after eventon dependant scripts
FIXED: seat map not loading on lightbox loaded via ajax
FIXED: scaled seat map to fit well in the viewable window
FIXED: unstranslated text in cart for unassigned seat
FIXED: mobile seat map layout issues
UPDATED: compatibility with tickets 2.1.1

v 1.1.1 (2022-10-25)
FIXED: Missing text translations
FIXED: compatibility with variations and options for unassigned seats capacity

v 1.1 (2022-3-15)
ADDED: ability to import and export seat map data in JSON format
ADDED: Ability to clear all seat map data from settings in seat map editor
ADDED: option to make all seats available for reserve

v 1.0.12 (2022-2-2)
ADDED: reset map button for seat map
ADDED: need saved notice on seat map editor
FIXED: background color select not working
FIXED: zoom in and zoom out firing multiple times after window resized

v 1.0.11 (2021-1-4)
ADDED: compatibility with QR code addon to show seat info in checkin page

v 1.0.10 (2020-11-4)
ADDED: ability for increment input fields to type manually
ADDED: ability to maintain seat status when duplicating an event
FIXED: duplicate events to copy seat map as well
FIXED: compatibility with variations addon 0.9
FIXED: available seats stock sync with woocommerce product stock
FIXED: unassigned seating section duplication adjusting sold out
FIXED: duplicate events not resetting sold out on unassigned seats

v 1.0.9 (2020-8-25)
ADDED: Missing seat number information to additional ticket information at checkout
ADDED: 1000×800 map area and pluggable filter to add more sizes
FIXED: round table not showing in frontend

v 1.0.8 (2020-1-29)
FIXED: transform origin to be center
FIXED: seat map location when changing screen size
FIXED: “Your seats will expire in” translation error
FIXED: lightbox event seat map stretching event window out of view
FIXED: mobile view map showing outside the area

v 1.0.7 (2019-11-26)
FIXED: single event page seat map not loading
FIXED: javascript error from seat map drawing

v 1.0.6 (2019-11-13)
FIXED: EventON 2.8 compatibility

v 1.0.5 (2019-10-15)
ADDED: Duplicate events to make all seats available in duplicated event
ADDED: Seat map editor edit seat to also show attendee details for that seat
FIXED: tooltip error when opening the seat map
FIXED: first seat add to cart shows price as zero
FIXED: unassigned seating seat in cart causing other seats to not go back in stock after timeout
FIXED: Seat tooltip not showing in correct place on lightbox
REQ: Tickets v1.7.10

v 1.0.4 (2019-6-28)
ADDED: dynamic pricing disable for events when seats on
ADDED: ability to set tooltips as fixed above map
FIXED: seat new quantity undefined error
FIXED: Map redraw undefined error
FIXED: Missing text domain translations
FIXED: Tool tip text translations
FIXED: map zoom not working for standalone event boxes
FIXED: ticket custom price with gap not reflected correct
FIXED: currency formatting for seat price
FIXED: form data error on creating new sections
FIXED: seat map resizing when window resized
UPDATED: seat map styles to be more subtle

v 1.0.3 (2018-7-26)
FIXED: one click adding to cart not saving when event saved again
FIXED: seat number order note for wc order page
FIXED: Missing translations

v 1.0.2 (2018-6-21)
ADDED: Option to enable direct adding seats to cart with one click
ADDED: Seat expiration timer to cart pages
ADDED: Option to hide seat expiration timer from all cart pages
ADDED: Seat manp editor required fields validation
FIXED: multiple seats added to cart only making one seat unavailable
UPDATED: to show seat map on load for single event pages
REQ: EventON 2.6.11

v 1.0.1 (2018-5-29)
ADDED: Grid lines for seat map editor
FIXED: Map area changing not working
FIXED: lightbox seat map not working on properly on load

v 1.0 (2018-5-10)
ADDED: Seat number to show in event edit attendee information
ADDED: filters to check if seats can be enabled for event edit meta box
ADDED: seat expiration countdown timer, with eventon countdown timer addon
ADDED: unassigned seating sections
ADDED: Areas of interest with font awesome icons
ADDED: compatibility with ticket variations and options addon
ADDED: duplication of seat sections in seat map editor
ADDED: ability to edit seat section background color and border
ADDED: ability to set seat color
ADDED: Ability to zoom and pan the seat map on frontend
ADDED: Ability to set area of interest shapes style
ADDED: mobile compatible seat map selector
ADDED: real time count down timer when seats added to cart
ADDED: Proper back end translation text domain POT files
UPDATED: compatiblity with latest event tickets addon
UPDATED: Seat map editor to support large seating arrangements
UPDATED: Seat map legends hidden behind easy hover over menu
REQUIRE: Tickets 1.7

v 0.5 (2017-11-29)
FIXED: seat map area values not showing correct on frontend
FIXED: Seats not getting added to cart
UPDATED: to utilize EVO_Event object

v 0.4 (2017-11-17)
ADDED: Option to disable accordion seat view on mobile
FIXED: boolean error result in unavailable seats being able to sell
FIXED: Correctly restocking seat upon cancel or refunded orders
FIXED: Cart validation not going through
FIXED: Custom unique seat number not correctly showing on tooltips
FIXED: Seat validation against availability not working correct
UPDATED: New event class compatibility

v 0.3 (2017-10-19)
ADDED: seat number in checkout page for additional guest names
ADDED: Accordion effect for mobile seat selection
ADDED: QR Code addon integration to show seat information in checkin page
FIXED: some seat sections information input fields not showing up when editing
FIXED: Missing language text translation
FIXED: Incorrect currency symbol showing in responsive view
FIXED: seats getting removed from cart when adding first time
FIXED: temporarily unavailable seats changign back to available incorrectly
FIXED: seats remaining in unavailable state – thanks Tex for the fix
FIXED: seat quantity not updating upon save
UPDATED: hover over seat name as title in wp-admin
UPDATED: allow editing auto generated seat number from wp-admin
UPDATED: wp-admin styles
UPDATED: Saved Seat number to be used in checkout and emails

v 0.2 (2017-6-2)
FIXED: Currency symbol not reflecting correct on popup window
FIXED: Seats lightbox not loading on ajax loaded months
FIXED: cart seat item to link to event page
UPDATED: to save each seat section at a time to avoid max input var error
UPDATED: loading class name changed to avoid conflicts

v 0.1 (2017-5-2)
Initial release

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