Changelog Variations & Options

October 4, 2021

v 0.11 (2021-10-4)
FIXED: previous variation event data passing on to non variation events

v.0.10 (2021-6-22)
ADDED: Single Variations to be able to sell as separate tickets
FIXED: booking varitaions are still showing even after disabled
FIXED: shopping cart styles

v 0.9 (2021-2-18)
FIXED: variaions order saving not saved
FIXED: translation issues in admin side
FIXED: price options separate as ticket not adding to cart
UPDATED: backend variations and options color styles
REQ: Tickets 1.9

v 0.8 (2020-6-16)
FIXED: Missing translation text from the frontend

v 0.7 (2020-1-30)
ADDED: variation data to be displayed in checkout page for additional ticket info
FIXED: Missing price options description
FIXED: price options not able to remove once added
REQ: Tickets 1.7.11

v 0.6 (2019-10-15)
ADDED: Variation ticket sales stats into sales insight for ticket
ADDED: Option to hide sold out variations from evantcard
FIXED: Missing back end translation strings
REQ: Tickets 1.7.10

v 0.5 (2019-6-28)
FIXED: booking addon showing stock instead of price incorrectly
FIXED: price options sold style not showing saved value
FIXED: multiple variations in cart only reducing stock on one
FIXED: changing variation type switching stock to max amount incorrectly
FIXED: when all stock of a variation is purchased set the variation to out of stock

v 0.4 (2019-1-7)
FIXED: Missing language string on translations
FIXED: when one variation is out of stock others not showing
FIXED: when variation type options are using – as values filter it out

v 0.3 (2018-12-11)
ADDED: price options as separate tickets
ADDED: Duplicating events to also duplicate correct variations
ADDED: Price option values to be included in the CSV download of attendees
FIXED: when options are enabled ticket stock not honored
FIXED: Currency position not aligning with woocommerce settings
FIXED: variation types with special characters not showing
FIXED: variation with all not auto populating all options
UPDATED: minor layout design updates
REQ: tickets addon v1.7.5

v 0.2 (2018-7-24)
ADDED: Member only variations for loggedin users
ADDED: Missing translations from cart page
FIXED: Lightbox styles
FIXED: Price options without stock not validation correct
FIXED: Variations for seats putting seat stock empty
FIXED: Variation types with white space not saving correct
FIXED: return value checking inaccurately
FIXED: All variations are not showing correctly

v 0.1 (2018-5-10)
Initial release

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