How to customize location and organizer archive page

August 2, 2017

If you wish to customize the location archive page such asĀ or similarly for organizer archive page please follow this documentation.


Location archive page look by default


Customizing the template

Create a folder calledĀ eventon inside your current active theme. So that the path to the folder would look like.. …/wp-content/themes/–your-theme–/eventon/

Go to eventon/templates/ folder and copy the file taxonomy-event_location.php

Paste this file into the eventon folder you created inside your theme folder.

From now on the location archive page will use the template from your theme folder. Any changes you made to the template file inside theme folder will reflect on location archive page.


Changing shortcode

If you look at the template file using a text editor you can see the shortcode used to show events from this location. You can further customize this by adding other shortcode parameters that are compatible with calendar type. (Learn how to use shortcode generator)


Organizer Archive page

The same method can be used for customizing event organizer archive page as well.

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