How to use scanner gun to check in guests

December 15, 2021

Note: Require QR Code scanner addon to configure scanning tickets using a scanner gun.

Step 1:

Enable Scanner gun

Go to eventon settings > QR Code and under QR code scanning mode, select QR Code scanner gun.

Step 2:

There are two ways to use scanner gun to scan tickets. With a mobile device at the event venue or a stationary PC at the venue.

Wireless Scanner gun with Mobile Device

This is a much easier method to scan tickets at a venue. Once you have paired your wireless scanner gun to your mobile device.

Visit the check-in page from your mobile device. Then tap on the input field to focus on the field. And then scan the QR code on ticket. As soon as the scanned ticket code is entered in the input field it will auto submit and show result page.

Manually on PC

You can also use wired QR code scanner guns like the one below to scan QR code while connected to a PC.

Just like the above case, once focused on the input field and scan the QR Code the checkin page will auto submit the QR ticket number and will show results. You can continue to scan QR Codes in this fashion without interruption.


  • You might need to set keyboard settings of the scanner gun to your local language, so the links are properly submitted into input field.
  • You may have to add “Carriage Return” (if available) for the scanner, which will always enter after reading the ticket number.

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