How to translate EventON with WPML on the front-end

December 23, 2021

You can set upto 3 WPML custom languages(by default) that works with 3 customize languages that is supported by eventon for front-end.

Step 1:

Identify the language code associated in each language in WPML eg. ‘en’, ‘es’, ‘fr’, ‘ de’

Step 2:

Go into EventON > Language and select a language and type in correct language text for matching WPML language.

Eg. if you are using L1 in eventon as WPML first language (english) then you should write english translations in EventON L1. If EventON L2 is for WPML 2nd language (Spanish), then your eventON L2 must be in spanish and so forth.

Step 3:

Create the shortcode variables.


If Language #1 is French and language code for WPML for this is “fr”, your shortcode variable will look like wpml_l1=’fr’

Step 4:

Similar to above step, create other shortcode variables for other language you are using in association with wpml in eventON language.

Example: If Language #2 is Spanish, and language code in WPML is “es” then the shortcode variables to add is wpml_l2=’es’

Your end shortcode should look something like below:

[add_eventon wpml_l1=’fr’ wpml_l2=’es’]

Further Customization

If you wish you add support for more than 3 wpml language please use pluggable filter below to add those additional language values. – place this code in your theme functions.php file.

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