Last updated: 5 months ago

v 1.2.6 (2019-3-6)
FIXED: unsubscribe a user from mailchimp yeilding error message
FIXED: Incorrect email notice on subscribe manager
FIXED: Multiple translation missing text spots

v 1.2.5 (2018-8-7)
FIXED: undefined mailchimp error
FIXED: undefined subscription ID in subscription mange page
FIXED: future schedules events still sending email to subscribers
FIXED: duplicating events to not duplicate sent subscription email status
FIXED: update subscription not working on subscription manager page
UPDATED: subscription manager page layout and UI changes

v 1.2.4 (2018-2-27)
FIXED: mailchimp email lists not showing up for selection
UPDATED: Mailchimp library
UPDATED: Class based addon initiation

v 1.2.3 (2018-1-29)
ADDED: new event email text strings into eventon translation
FIXED: subscriber using form not working
FIXED: subscriber posts showing in auto link generator
FIXED: add to calendar time not correct
FIXED: add to calendar location information not passing through
FIXED: Incorrect email notice

v 1.2.2 (2017-5-25)
FIXED: subscriber posts showing in search results

v 1.2.1 (2017-3-6)
FIXED: new event email time be formatted based on eventon settings
FIXED: special character treatment on email subject and body (thanks thirdriver)
FIXED: New event datetime missing correct post meta values
FIXED: Appearance not taking effect for standalone subscriber button
UPDATED: eventon 2.5 compatibility with styles and addon initiation
UPDATED: Repeating events notice for subscriber

v 1.2 (2016-8-15)
FIXED: New event email template text escaping
FIXED: Standalone subscriber button not working by itself

v 1.1 (20167-11)
FIXED: Standalone button lang variable not recognized

v 1.0 (2016-3-30)
ADDED: Mailchimp intergration for adding subscribers to email lists
ADDED: Be able to activate subscribers direct from all subscribers page
ADDED: Shortcode for standalone subscription button that can go anywhere
ADDED: verify subscription email text into language
FIXED: When subscription manager page deleted subscription verification link error
UPDATED: Emails to look similar to standard eventon email layout

v 0.6 (2016-1-13)
ADDED: Ability to actually trash subscriber or change subscription status
ADDED: Option to save subscribers as drafts
ADDED: Ability to restrict subscription only to loggedin users
ADDED: Subscription confirmation email text to language translations
ADDED: Ability to set custom link for new event email more information link
ADDED: Unsubscribe email confirmation to subscriber
FIXED: Unable to unsubcribe from the system
FIXED: New subscriber errors in creating subscriber post with no content
FIXED: Event type category not passing through to subscribers
FIXED: all day event showing time in new event email

v 0.5 (2015-10-23)
FIXED: Email exist is not getting checked correctly
FIXED: Subscriber button color not changing in appearance
UPDATED: Template files to load off child themes as well
UPDATED: Styles for the subcription form
UPDATED: Responsive styles for form

v 0.4 (2015-7-20)
FIXED: required fields missing error for some
UPDATED: Settings icons for eventon settings

v 0.3 (2015-6-30)
FIXED: New event email to go in as BCC without showing all emails
FIXED: Subscriber button not clickable
UPDATED: EventON 2.3.5 required for this version

v 0.2 (2015-4-21)
FIXED: All events wp-admin page error on columns

v0.1 (2015-3-25)
Initial release

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