How to find if an issue is coming from eventON

June 14, 2018

If you are seeing issues on your site that you don’t see on our chances are it is an issue caused only on your website.


Debug to see the errors

First things first, activate debug and see what errors wordpress shows.

How to debug WordPress


The best way to tell #1

Deactivate all the other plugins you are using one by one. Each time making sure the issues you are seeingĀ is still happening or not.

If deactivating all plugins does not work move to next step. If you were able to find the culprit, Great! You can let us know this or contact that author and see if they can help.


The best way to tell #2

Switch your website theme to wordpress default theme. We build our plugin on default WordPress themes and we know for 100% that eventON works perfect and correct without any issues on WordPress themes. So by you switching to default theme if you are able to eliminate the issue you were having – that means your theme is the one causing this issue.

In this case you should contact your theme developer regarding this matter as we do not provide support for theme compatibility with our plugins.

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