How to Generate Zoom API Credentials

August 28, 2023

Setting up S2S OAuth Credentials

  1. Login to your zoom account from
  2. Go to Create Page. (
  3. Location “Server-to-Server OAuth” and click Create.
  4. Give a name for your app and click Create.
  5. From App Credentials page go to Information tab on left. Make sure to fill in Contact information. Click Continue.

  6. Click Continue on feature tab and then go to Scopes. In here, you will need to add several scopes that give app permission to access from your website.
  7. Add Scopes – For Meeting, Webinar, Recording, User — check the below listed scope permission items.
    1. Meeting: View and manage sub account’s user meetings, View all user meetings, View and manage all user meetings.
    2. Webinar: View and manage sub account’s user webinars, View all user Webinars, View and manage all user Webinars.
    3. Recording: View and manage sub account’s user recordings, View all user recordings, View and manage all user recordings.
    4. User: View and manage sub account’s user information, View all user information, View users information and manage users.
    5. Report: View sub account’s report data, View report data, View your chat history report.
  8. Click Activate your app.
  9. Head over to EventON Settings > Third Party APIs > Zoom Click Enable Zoom API and copy paste Server to server OAuth credentials.
  10. Click Save Changes in EventON Settings. Saving settings will create S2S token and will save to your website, eventON settings. 

After the Credentials are saved you can go into Events and setup a virtual event and test out to make sure everything is working correctly.

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