How To Sell Price Options as Separate Tickets with the Ticket Variations & Options Addon

January 8, 2024

Would you like to make it possible for your event guest to purchase additional options while purchasing their tickets? With the Ticket Variations & Options addon, you can seamlessly add extras such as t-shirts, caps, popcorn, snacks, tour guides, etc. This makes it possible for the site owner to collect additional revenue while selling tickets.

The Ticket Variations and Options addon extends the Events Tickets addon. It is compatible with the Seats and Bookings addons.


In order to get started, you will need to have EventONEvent Tickets Addon, and Woocommerce installed and activated. You can get the EventON plugin by downloading it from your CodeCanyon account. You can follow our tutorial on how to install & activate EventON.

Next, you’ll need to install and activate Ticket Variations & Options by following our general guide on how to install EventON addons.

User Guide

To get started, go to Events > Add Event and create a new event or edit an existing event.

Add a title for your event and optionally add a description and configure the rest of your event settings such as the Time and Date.

Toggle the option to enable event tickets.

Fill in your event ticket’s price and SKU which are required and the optional fields such as sale price and ticket detail. You can also enable the following additional options in this section:

  • Enable name your price – Guests will be able to enter their own price and override the one set above
  • Manage Ticket Stock – Enter the maximum available tickets that can be sold for this event
  • Show remaining tickets (Only for Woocommerce simple tickets) – This option displays the number of tickets that are available for sale. You can also set a custom limit
  • Show guest list for event on eventCard – Displays guest lists if any
  • Place ticket on out of stock – This option prevents the sale of tickets and displays an out of stock label on the event card
  • Sold Individually – This option limits the number of tickets that can be bought by each person to 1

Optionally, you can also enter a time minutes to stop selling the tickets before the event starts. You can also enter the ticket subtitleshort descriptionupload the ticket image and toggle the option to add a field that customers can use to submit inquiries on this section.

Click on the Publish button to enable dynamic options and then reload the page.

Once the page is reloaded, the following dynamic ticket options will be exposed in this section:

Creating Options

Toggle the option to Enable ticket variations & options and then on the VARIATIONS & OPTIONS SETTINGS button to expose additional settings as shown below:

Click on the + NEW PRICE OPTION button to add a new price option that your event guests can select and purchase. You can use this to sell more services or items that go along with the ticket.

This button will open a modal window where you can fill in the price option name, price, description, stock. You can also select the stock status and the selling style from the available dropdown fields.

NOTE: The price options name should not include apostrophes.

Once the data is filled in, click ADD NEW to save the option and repeat the process

Click on update and view the event on the front end.

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