How to Use Variations with Seats Addon

September 26, 2023

Creating interactive choices for your event can really improve your attendance rate especially when a group of friends wants to attend together and get the same row of seats. The Seats addon makes it super easy to handpick seats from the seat map arrangement and this can be extended by creating variations that guests can select from when purchasing a ticket for the event.

In this guide, we’ll go through how you can configure the Seats addonEvent Tickets, and Ticket Variations and Options addon to create seat options that contain variations.


In order to get started, you will need to have EventONEvent Tickets AddonSeats addonTicket Variations and Options addon, and Woocommerce installed and activated. You can get the EventON plugin by downloading it from your CodeCanyon account. You can follow our tutorial on how to install & activate EventON.

For additional help in installing the 3 addons, please take a look at our general guide about how to install EventON addons.

User Guide

To get started, go to Events > Add Event and create a new event or edit an existing event.

Add a title for your event and optionally add a description and configure the rest of your event settings such as the Time and Date.

Toggle the option to enable event tickets.

Click on “CONFIGURE TICKET SETTINGS” to fill in your event ticket’s price and SKU which are required and the optional fields such as sale price and ticket detail. You can also enable the following additional options in this section:

  • Enable name your price – Guests will be able to enter their own price and override the one set above
  • Manage Ticket Stock – Enter the maximum number of available tickets that can be sold for this event
  • Show remaining tickets (Only for Woocommerce simple tickets) – This option displays the number of tickets that are available for sale. You can also set a custom limit
  • Show guest list for event on eventCard – Displays guest lists if any
  • Place ticket on out of stock – This option prevents the sale of tickets and displays an out of stock label on the event card
  • Sold Individually – This option limits the number of tickets that can be bought by each person to 1

Click on the Save Draft button to save your draft event and reload the page by clicking on the ↻ icon on your browser. This step is necessary to load and expose more ticket settings.

Toggle the option to enable ticket variations and options.

Click on the VARIATION & OPTIONS SETTINGS  button to open the Variations & Options Settings lightbox.

Click on +NEW VARIATION TYPE button and add the variations that you’d like your event guests to select from when booking a block and click on ADD NEW to save the changes. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll set the variation type to Ticket type and set the variations to Individual and Group.

Toggle the option to Enable Event Seating for this event and click on the Save draft button at the top of the page. Next, reload the page by clicking on the ↻ icon on your browser. This will expose the booking block manager settings that we’ll use in the next step.

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