How to get new auto updates for EventON

October 18, 2021

Automatic updates are available from version 2.1.6

Step 1: Activate your EventON License


Go to myEventON settings > Addons & Licenses tab and click Activate Now.

Step 2: Activate license

Grab your license for EventON from Envato by following this link:

How to find your EventON license key

Then, paste the license code in the pop-up activation box and click Activate Now. If there are any new updates for EventON they should show on this page.

Step 3: Check for updates if not shown automatically

WordPress – by default – checks for updates to plugins and themes every 12 hours and updates your site with notifications if new updates are available.

However, you can manually check for updates without having to wait by going to Dashboard>Updates> Check Again

(NOTE: Sometimes it may take several checking and refreshing for WordPress to update the information if there is a new update available.

Step 4: Download new updates – if available

If there are new updates available you will be able to see them on the Plugins > Installed Plugins page.

You can download the updates by clicking update now on the plugins page.




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