How to show past events

December 20, 2020

How to show past events

Is there a separate shortcode to show past events?

Not at the moment.


How to show past events with existing shortcodes in without any addons

Past events can be shown using the below shortcode without needing any additional addons. However this method will not eliminate current months current events.



[code][add_eventon_list month_incre=”-3″ show_upcoming=”1″ number_of_months=”2″ hide_empty_months=”yes”][/code]

This shortcode (in above example) will show 2 months in a upcoming months list, but the two months shown will be past two months. If current month is september, the above shortcode will show July and August.

The key in the above shortcode is month_incre variable which is set to -2 (negative 2) — which push the time back to 2 months.


NOTE: When using this it’s important to make sure you have set “Hide past events in the calendar” option to “NO” in myeventon settings.


How to show past events with EventLists Ext. Addon

With this shortcode

[code][add_eventon_el el_type=”pe” el_title=”Past Events” number_of_months=”2″ sep_month=”yes” ][/code]

Using the eventlist Ext. addon you can easily show only past events list regardess of the month.


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