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June 12, 2013

The event type category (custom taxonomy) in EventON can be used to achieve more things than what you think. The below examples are created based on the emails I got from you asking how to do them.


The need: How to show a calendar of events that are only on Mondays

Step 1:  Go to myEventON settings and change the custom name for event type #1 to “Day of the week”

Step 2: Go to individual event page and on right side you should find “Day of the week” category box. In there now you can add a new category which we will call “Monday” and assign to the event. — Update changes.

Step 3: Go to Events> Day of the week page and find the ID of the Monday tag.

Step 4: Go to the page you want to add the calendar with Monday events.

Step 5: Add eventON shortcode into the page that has event type tag ID we found for Monday like below.

[code][add_eventon event_type=”2″][/code]


Just like that you can create a calendar that will hold only Monday events.


Example 2: Add filter by country and cities

You can also use event type categories as country and city filter. Here is how to do it:

Go to eventON settings and under Categories change the event type #1 name to country, and #2 to city.

Now go to the event edit page and assign a country and city. (See below)


After you done this for other events, go to myEventon Settings > Sorting and filtering and select Country and City as sorting option to show on front-end calendar. Now your front-end calendar should have sorting options like below.




Example #3: How to show two different calendars with different events

Need: you want to show calendar X events that are “Regular events” and in calendar Y you want to show “Special Events”

Step 1: go to myeventon> settings> categories and under “Custom name for Event Type Category #1”  type the desired name in this case : “Event Type”


Step 2: go to Events> All Events page and click Edit to edit the events you want to add to Regular Events

Step 3: On right side under Event Type Categories Click  + Add new event type category and then type Regular events click Add

Step 4: Do the same for other regular events and special events.

Step 5: Go to Events > Event Type (this is the all category page)  in here you can find the ID for each category


Step 6: Go to the page where you want to add Regular Events only  calendar. Either using shortcode generator or use this shortcode [add_eventon event_type=’36’]

Notice 36 = Regular events category tag ID. (These numbers will be different in your site)

Step 7: Follow Step 6 for Special events calendar.



Other examples are:

A calendar with events for a particular city eg. events from Pittsburgh, PA

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