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The event type category (custom taxonomy) in EventON can be used to achieve more things than what you think. The below examples are created based on the emails I got from you asking how to do them.


The need: How to show a calendar of events that are only on Mondays

Step 1:  Go to myEventON settings and change the custom name for event type #1 to “Day of the week”

Step 2: Go to individual event page and on right side you should find “Day of the week” category box. In there now you can add a new category which we will call “Monday” and assign to the event. — Update changes.

Step 3: Go to Events> Day of the week page and find the ID of the Monday tag.

Step 4: Go to the page you want to add the calendar with Monday events.

Step 5: Add eventON shortcode into the page that has event type tag ID we found for Monday like below.

[code][add_eventon event_type=”2″][/code]


Just like that you can create a calendar that will hold only Monday events.


Example 2: Add filter by country and cities

You can also use event type categories as country and city filter. Here is how to do it:

Go to eventON settings and under Categories change the event type #1 name to country, and #2 to city.

Now go to the event edit page and assign a country and city. (See below)


After you done this for other events, go to myEventon Settings > Sorting and filtering and select Country and City as sorting option to show on front-end calendar. Now your front-end calendar should have sorting options like below.




Example #3: How to show two different calendars with different events

Need: you want to show calendar X events that are “Regular events” and in calendar Y you want to show “Special Events”

Step 1: go to myeventon> settings> categories and under “Custom name for Event Type Category #1”  type the desired name in this case : “Event Type”


Step 2: go to Events> All Events page and click Edit to edit the events you want to add to Regular Events

Step 3: On right side under Event Type Categories Click  + Add new event type category and then type Regular events click Add

Step 4: Do the same for other regular events and special events.

Step 5: Go to Events > Event Type (this is the all category page)  in here you can find the ID for each category


Step 6: Go to the page where you want to add Regular Events only  calendar. Either using shortcode generator or use this shortcode [add_eventon event_type=’36’]

Notice 36 = Regular events category tag ID. (These numbers will be different in your site)

Step 7: Follow Step 6 for Special events calendar.



Other examples are:

A calendar with events for a particular city eg. events from Pittsburgh, PA

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