Licensing EventON Products

April 25, 2019

EventON Product’s License Clarification

Below you will find clarification on eventON and eventON addon licenses and their terms and restrictions. Because it is the same product developed by same developer, it is common for our users to be confused of their differences and terms primarily due to the vendor that the eventON product is sold through. Please find below the differences in eventON’s product licenses.

EventON Main Plugin

Sold via: (exclusively)

License Types: 1 site

Sites Allowed per license:

1 site/installation per 1 license – With eventON main plugin license you may only install the license on one site only. However you are able to deactivate the license and activate it on another site. But still maintaining 1 active site across all times per one license. Should you need to install eventON on an additional site, you must purchase a new license via codecanyon.

License Expiration: Never



EventON Addons

Sold via:

License Types: Single Site, Upto 5 sites, Upto 25 sites

Sites Allowed per license:

Depend on license type (see above) Similar to eventON main plugin, addon licenses can be deactivated and activated on a new site, as long as number of activated licenses all across are within the allowed sites per license (1, 5, or 25 sites depending on the license type you purchase)

License Expiration: 1 year.

After 1 year license subscription, unless cancelled license will auto renew. If not renewed (at the moment) you can continue to use the addon, but you will not be eligible for support and you will not get new updates to addon.

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