How to Setup & Use Custom Fields for Events

July 25, 2023

EventON allows you to easily add up to 10 additional custom meta fields to events so you can use these in all kinds of cool ways to add more data to events and show them on the calendar. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Activate custom meta field

Go to EventON> Settings> Custom Meta Data and click Activate additional field

Type the desired name for this custom field.

Select the content type: Single line, multiline & button. The multiline option allows you to type the values for this data field inside a WYSIWYG editor. The button option will allow you to enter a text and link and also whether to open this in a new window or not.

Select the icon.

Click Save Changes

Step 2: Add this new field to the eventCard

Reload the page and head over to EventCard Design and click the + Add a row button to add a new row and then select the column design that you’d like to add to the eventCard as shown below:

Click on the +Set Field and select the newly created custom field as shown below:

Step 3: Add data for the field

Go to the event edit page and you will see under the Event Settings box towards the bottom you will see the newly added custom meta field along with the icon.

Type your data in here and save changes. The new field should show up on the eventCard on the front-end.

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