How to setup & use multi data types

September 14, 2023

In eventon version 2.5 we have added multi data types (MDT) feature.

Benefits of MDT

MDT allows you to create an item once with details and values and reuse that item again and again for unlimited events without having to re-enter the item details and values.

#1. Activate MDT

Go into EventON settings > Categories and then under EventCard Multi Data Types you can activate the number of data types you need. Currently, by default it allows you to add up to 3 different types while this can be increased with a pluggable function. (filter name: evo_multi_data_type_count)

As you can see above; in this example, we are going to create an MDT called teacher. We are enabling images and 2 additional data fields. By default, each MDT item will support name and description fields.

#2. Create MDT items for an event

Let’s say for your event you want to add “Suzan Price” as a teacher for the event.

Go into the event you want to add an MDT (a teacher in our example). Go to event edit and then under the Event Details meta box you can find the new MDT section with the name you set for the MDT. (For our example it is Teacher)

Since you haven’t created any MDT items, you can do so by clicking the Create a new teacher (create a new {name}) button.

Once you click Save it will be saved to the event.

Alternatively, if you already have a bunch of MDT items (or teachers in our example) created for other events, you can select an item from the list by clicking Select from list button.

If you don’t have any items created this list will be blank and will ask you to create new items.

#3. Show in EventCard

Next, we need to make sure the MDT fields are set to show in the eventCard. Go into EventON settings > EventCard Design and enable the new MDT field and move it around to where you want it to show in the eventCard. (If its already enabled and still not showing, just moving it around the list and resaving it does the trick)


#4. Customization

You can customize the icon for the MDT field from EventON Settings > Icons

View on Front

Once all the data is entered the information will show like the below image on the event card for the event. (images are from EventON ver2.7)

Further Customization with WP Pluggable Filters

Add more than 3 multi-data types: evo_multi_data_type_count (return the new number via filter)

Add more than 2 additional fields per each MDT item: evo_multi_data_type_fields_count (return the new number via filter)

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