Last updated: 2 years ago

In eventon version 2.5 we have added multi data types (MDT) feature.


#1. Activate MDT

Go into eventon settings > Categories and then under EventCard Multi Data Types you can activate the number of data types you need. Currently by default it allows you to add up to 3 different types while this can be increased with pluggable function.


#2. Add Data from Events

Go into any event edit page in backend where you want to add this MDT information and then under Event Details meta box you can find the new MDT section.

Here you can add new items or select from previously added MDT items. You can add as many items you want to one event. The changes you make to any MDT item will be reflected everywhere else.


#3. Show in EventCard

Now go into EventON settings > EventCard Data and enable the new MDT field and move it around to where you want it to show in the eventCard.

#4. Customization

You can customize the icon for the MDT field from Eventon Settings > Icons


View on Front

Once all the data is entered the information will show like the below image on event card for the event.


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