How To Use The EventTop Designer

August 31, 2023

The EventTop section represents the topmost section on the event display layout. Before version 4.1, you were required to make code changes to customize this area. This is documented in this tutorial How to hook into eventTop.

The process of customizing the EventTop is now streamlined since the introduction of the designer. The built-in layout designer works the same as the Eventcard designer.

To access the designer, please log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and head over to EventON > Settings > EventTop > EventTop Settings as shown below:

The designer is currently divided into two sections. The first section is a full-width container that can hold multiple fields. The second section is sub-divided into four rows that can hold multiple fields independently.

NOTE: Most of these fields will not be available in the tile layout, however all the fields added in the designer will be visible on the row layout. This is to provide better usability and visibility when interacting with the calendar on the front end of your site.

To add a new field in these sections, click on the grey rounded + button shown below:

Once this button is clicked, you can add a new field by clicking on one of the options available on the Unused Event Top Fields panel on the editor, as shown below:

To remove an item from the section, click on the black rounded – button shown below:

From the same page, you can also customize how the dates will be displayed. You can enable any of these values:

  • Event Day Name
  • Event Start Year
  • Event End Year (If different than start year)

For the location field on the EventTop, you can display either the location name and address or one of the two.

You can also toggle to enable the following on the EventTop:

  • Show event custom meta data icons on eventtop
  • Show edit event button for each event
  • Hide live event progress bar with time remaining
  • Hide blinking “Live Now” icon from event top for current events

You can also set the following default EventTop styles. This setting can be overridden within the event shortcode.

Colorful with gap between events

Colorful EventTop

Colorful EventTop bubbles

Clear with left border colors

Clear with left border colors and gaps

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