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Changelog for Event Search

July 6, 2016

v 0.7 (2016-11-21)
FIXED: Search box results are not clickable

v 0.6 (2016-8-25)
FIXED: standlone search button scripts not loading
UPDATED: Compatibility with evo 2.4.5

v 0.5 (2016-8-15)
FIXED: JQ Mobile inject markup causing searching to not work

v 0.4 (2016-7-25)
FIXED: Advanced search causing issues for some on custom database table names

v 0.3 (2016-7-19)
ADDED: Option to select whether to include advance search functions or not
FIXED: Custom table names compatibility for search querying

v 0.2 (2016-7-6)
ADDED: search to query event subtitle, excerpt, taxonomy data
ADDED: New shortcode for anywhere search box that search all upcoming events
ADDED: event types and month count parameters to search all current events
ADDED: Option to show above calendar search bar visible on load
UPDATED: Assets path to support https
UPDATED: Styles for the above calendar search bar

v 0.1 (2015-3-25)
Initial release

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