Changelog for ActionUser

March 22, 2024

v 2.4.4 (2024-3-22)
FIXED: end time field label
FIXED: missing virtual time text translation
FIXED: initial date picker month not translated

v 2.4.3 (2024-3-6)
ADDED: support for all user interaction option for default value
ADDED: user interaction type do not do anything
FIXED: deleting event access pass not removing previous saved value
FIXED: event manager search field placeholder text translate
FIXED: custom fields of trumbowig not showing in form
FIXED: external links fields to be open if selected
FIXED: timezone adjusted event times on edit event forms
FIXED: by default to use current date time for event submission form
UPDATED: event access prompt box styles
UPDATED: user interaction external link open new window to yes no button
UPDATED: taxonomy select field layout design
UPDATED: event manager UI design

v 2.4.2 (2023-10-30)
FIXED: restrict only one event submission per user not showing notice
FIXED: submission restrictions loading form content into page always
FIXED: login link to have proper redirect login link
FIXED: Settings link on plugins page
FIXED: translated language for event submission not striping slashes
UPDATED: Implement evo()->element for form fields
UPDATED: event submission form styles

v 2.4.1 (2023-3-15)
FIXED: limit submission error message empty
FIXED: form error display styles
FIXED: limit submissions erorr on event manager
FIXED: actionuser settings saved after pluggable function
FIXED: settings saving not saving values for actionuser extensions

v 2.4 (2023-5-9)
ADDED: actionuser settings using eventon settings library
FIXED: tooltip icons on frontend
FIXED: form submission undefined error
FIXED: child templates not working
FIXED: template path
FIXED: event status translations not working
FIXED: styles to use eventON font using variables
FIXED: header and subheader values not passing from shortcode
MOVED: user capabilities to lightbox based settings
UPDATED: event manager styles to match eventON 4.2

v 2.3.1 (2022-3-31)
FIXED: Event submissions not going through with new virtual end date field empty

v 2.3 (2022-3-30)
ADDED: event manager to be able to search visible events easily
ADDED: pluggable filter evoau_form_footer_multiple_submissions_bool
ADDED: proper form submission $_POST sanitization
ADDED: all submission forms to be loaded via ajax after page load
ADDED: form field removed from DOM after event submission for security
ADDED: virtual visible end time field – enabled via settings
FIXED: global $ajde variable
FIXED: form submission success message to load via ajax
UPDATED: form atts to be passed on form submission

v 2.2.9 (2022-2-3)
FIXED: form_action hidden value not passed on to page causing errors

v 2.2.8 (2021-10-27)
FIXED: event manager edit option not showing up

v 2.2.7 (2021-9-6)
ADDED: evoau_form_before action to pass atts values
FIXED: form styles
FIXED: javascript error on form undefined line 798
FIXED: disable deleting still running script
FIXED: delete and editing assigned events permission logic errors

v 2.2.6 (2021-7-6)
ADDED: form event image to only allow images and pdf files for upload
FIXED: minor styles changes
FIXED: language translations
FIXED: custom repeats date not resetting after adding
FIXED: default timezone value applied to submission form auto
FIXED: undefined order_revert()
FIXED: custom repeats first instance getting deleted on save

v 2.2.5 (2021-2-18)
FIXED: Missing translatable string
UPDATED: use evo_login_url() for submission form
UPDATED: event manager layout design and styles

v 2.2.4 (2020-12-16)
ADDED: Missing language text fields for virtual event fields
ADDED: date picker text color to appearance settings
ADDED: support for event timezone field
FIXED: date picker colors not working
FIXED: default user interaction field values not working
FIXED: selected user interaction feld not showing in edit form
UPDATED: submission form styles

v 2.2.3 (2020-10-26)
ADDED: additional virtual event fields
ADDED: health guidelines fields
FIXED: submission form rows styles getting overridden
UPDATED: form fields to use eventon elements
UPDATED: form field styles

v 2.2.2 (2020-9-17)
FIXED: unnecessary timepicker loading
FIXED: Compatibility with eventON 2.9
FIXED: EVOAU() class instance in frontend content

V 2.2.1 (2020-6-4)
FIXED: language options missing
FIXED: missing JS error on the event manager
UPDATED: form fonts

v 2.2 (2020-5-21)
ADDED: RTL compatibility (beta version) for the event submission from via shortcode
ADDED: Support for custom repeat intervals on frontend
ADDED: repeat gap to show which repeat type it is
ADDED: events to reload when going back to list from editing event
ADDED: repeating events tag to event manager events
ADDED: separate event color for past events in event manager
ADDED: Event status and more details values to event manager
FIXED: submit another event not resetting the date picker
FIXED: submission form location terms not showing in ordered list
FIXED: submission form date picker not switching to correct start of week
FIXED: make event draft if editted in event manager not working
FIXED: event manager edit and delete icons not working
FIXED: incorrect translation string
FIXED: selecting start time to restrict end time range
FIXED: shortcode generator event manager events per page to be hidden till pagination checked
UPDATED: date and time picker colors
UPDATED: time picker as separate select options
UPDATED: event manager event layout and design
NOTE: cancel event is moved to event status in event manager

v 2.1.17 (2019-11-12)
FIXED: saved organizer and location not showing correct on event manager
FIXED: event manager creating new organizer and location not saving to event
FIXED: form field order with permission not reflecting correct
FIXED: event submission form and event manager on same page cause date picker errors
FIXED: Styles not taking effect in the form
FIXED: submit only one event to use loggedin user
FIXED: Redirect after submission not working for lightbox events
FIXED: location and organizer create new buttons not showing up in the form

v 2.1.16 (2019-8-10)
FIXED: organizer and location select no value field
FIXED: newly created organizer and location values not setting to events
UPDATES: Minor form style update

v 2.1.15 (2019-6-27)
ADDED: notice in settings to disable notify submitter of event approval
ADDED: User capabilities to user profile in wp-admin
FIXED: edit events in event manager not working with organizer field values
FIXED: all day event & no end time deselecting not saving in event manager
FIXED: location and organizer from select list not saving

v 2.1.14 (2019-4-15)
FIXED: location create new button not showing correct fields
FIXED: button default color not saving correct
UPDATED: styles minor update

v 2.1.13 (2019-3-29)
FIXED: submission form button color missing in appearance
FIXED: event manager to move to top of list when viewing events
FIXED: event location create new hiding the options on first load
FIXED: event image getting overridden with default when editing event
FIXED: Undefined json error when editting an event in frontend
FIXED: edit published events permission not taken into account for event manager

v 2.1.12 (2019-1-7)
FIXED: unable to enter date time on event submission form

v 2.1.11 (2019-1-4)
FIXED: event manager login link to utilize custom eventon link
FIXED: event manager edit event not working
FIXED: event managet disable date time editing not working

v 2.1.10 (2018-12-20)
FIXED: event images uploaded with event submissions cause submission to not work
FIXED: added missing text strigns
FIXED: create new location fields to show on form load

v 2.1.9 (2018-11-15)
ADDED: trumbowyg editor to replace default wordpress editor
ADDED: Event count on event manager
FIXED: Language of the submitted event not saved
FIXED: event manager not passing the set language
FIXED: event manager text not using correct language function
FIXED: Global form language not passing to submission form
UPDATED: event manager template

v 2.1 8 (2018-8-21)
ADDED: Option to enable event image upload for visitors
FIXED: post status draft not translating right
ADDED: Ability to hide event manager until user have submitted events
ADDED: New notice on user permissions into settings page
ADDED: Ability to hide organizer or location list from submission form
ADDED: Ability to disable date time editing on event manager events
ADDED: Trash submitted event if image upload failed
ADDED: When event access password is set show it on event edit page in wp-admin
FIXED: editing event via manager delete other event saved data
FIXED: Event manager and submission form not properly closed for non loggedin users
FIXED: Custom pdf file upload code not working
FIXED: Event manager date not translating
FIXED: Edit organizer or location settings
FIXED: Deleting second event via event manager not working
FIXED: tinymce scripts loading onto page when its not enabled
FIXED: tinymce script error
FIXED: Redirect after delay not working

v 2.1.7 (2018-4-6)
ADDED: upload files permission checked before allowing users to add event images
ADDED: ability to set access password code to hide single event page content
ADDED: allow users to create and edit location and organizer split to separate settings
FIXED: not loggedin lightbox event submissions not passing event details
FIXED: submit another event button does not work
FIXED: Missing note on special event edit fields
FIXED: Styles for input field in submission form
FIXED: submit another event form not resetting all the values
FIXED: undefined textarea on submission form
REQUIRE: EventON 2.6.7

v 2.1.6 (2018-2-13)
ADDED: Option to disable overriding event default post status for users with publish permission
FIXED: Several empty arrays on $atts causing errors in new PHP
FIXED: form fields error on merge array 815

v 2.1.5 (2018-1-26)
ADDED: option to restrict form event submission access based on user permission
FIXED: Sub event submission form field padding
FIXED: no form fields selected not showing a form
FIXED: Event Manager editor not working correct
FIXED: when assigned user events selected no events show in event manager
FIXED: WD date format not used for date picker formats
FIXED: settings set default event type categories not showing term values

v 2.1.4 (2017-11-29)
FIXED: Missing language translations
FIXED: publish status translations
FIXED: event manager delete confirmation message location
FIXED: Submit more events button not working
FIXED: Undefined admin email when submitted events published

v 2.1.3 (2017-11-17)
ADDED: main instance class
ADDED: Pagination to event manager
FIXED: assigned user column php error
UPDATED: Admin only private notes information

v 2.1.2 (2017-10-23)
FIXED: missing translations on the form
FIXED: repeat event information styles
FIXED: not able to select images
FIXED: submission form event not able to remove and assign new ones
FIXED: location and organizer edit not working
FIXED: permission for publishing event override not workign
FIXED: Issues with wysiwig editor not loading properly
FIXED: event image not able to remove and insert new one
FIXED: get_users() function causing timeout for some users
FIXED: special edit fields still showing dispite selected not to show

v 2.1.1 (2017-9-19)
FIXED: special event edit fields to be able to turn off and on for forms
FIXED: window resize event submission form positions
UPDATED: pass submission format when editing event form

v 2.1 (2017-9-13)
ADDED: AJAX based submission form loading
ADDED: Eventmanger to use AJAX based event edit loading
ADDED: Featured events tag on event manager event list
ADDED: support for other field value dependancy for required fields
FIXED: submission form styles
FIXED: wysiwyg event description values not passing through
UPDATED: Form styles
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.6

v 2.0.16(2017-8-9)
ADDED: exclude, feature & cancel event options to event manager form
FIXED: placeholder for fields not correctly showing
FIXED: event manager saving time after edit result in errors
FIXED: deleting custom field value in event manager still showing value

v 2.0.15 (2017-7-7)
ADDED: Support for custom login URL with eventon 2.5.5
ADDED: image upload validation and notifications – thanks bart2801
FIXED: learn more empty link saving http
FIXED: event manager updating events save time as today time
UPDATED: <p> around event manager text content

v 2.0.14 (2017-6-16)
ADDED: Option to allow assigned event users to see event in event manager
ADDED: disable editing time date filter for actionUser plus addon
ADDED: option to allow assigned users to edit and delete events
ADDED: edit and deletion multiple verifications
FIXED: PHP 7.1+ compatibility issues
FIXED: lightbox form color picker error
FIXED: assign user not working for some ppl
FIXED: individual disable editing to override settings value
UPDATED: alternate preset dateformat to be passed for saving date
UPDATED: event manager styles

v 2.0.13 (2017-4-24)
ADDED: Ability to translate date picker text strings
ADDED: Class names for submission form fields
ADDED: Support for filterable back to event manager link
FIXED: Event manager unix time issue
FIXED: Event manager edit and delete button links were not working for some
FIXED: Moved actionUser settings menu up the order
UPDATED: event manager styles

v 2.0.12 (2016-12-30)
FIXED: Location and organizer fields now showing when there are no terms and create new is allowed
FIXED: Event manager events to link to event page
FIXED: notification from email to check for correct email address before using data
UPDATED: Notification email from email field placeholder text

v 2.0.11 (2016-12-14)
ADDED: new line email tag for auto email messages
FIXED: Auto form emails several email body tags not working
FIXED: Minor style and layout issues
FIXED: Causing events to not show for non logged in users in eventon
FIXED: Minor style issues
UPDATED: Event manager styles
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.5 font family

v 2.0.10 (2016-11-12)
ADDED: Better event submission text area sanitization
FIXED: Z-index on form
FIXED: Single events addon reference
FIXED: Event manager image remove not removing image
FIXED: form scroll to top when successful form submission

v 2.0.9 (2016-11-9)
FIXED: Location and organizer not saving values

v 2.0.8 (2016-11-8)
ADDED: ability to edit organizer and location data on event manager
FIXED: No end time not hiding field on event manager
FIXED: Event manager remove image not working
FIXED: Learn more open in new link not passing to event manager
FIXED: Location and organizer meta missinging event manager
FIXED: Location and organizer not updating in event manager
FIXED: Assign user section not working
FIXED: XSS script injecting escaped from event details on submissions
UPDATED: To use evo helper for sending emails
UPDATED: Event manager to use eventon filter function for event details

v 2.0.7 (2016-10-20)
FIXED: Date format d/m/y fix for event submission
FIXED: Generate maps not enabled for new event submissions with location

v 2.0.6 (2016-10-10)
FIXED: More missing translations
FIXED: undefined value in frontend submissions
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventON 2.4.7

v 2.0.5 (2016-8-16)
FIXED: Missing translation
FIXED: Jquery mobile submission form injections

v 2.0.4 (2016-7-21)
FIXED: Missing yearly repeat on event submission form

v 2.0.3 (2016-6-22)
ADDED: Event manger event edit restrictions to only author of event
ADDED: Event manager pluggable hooks
ADDED: Assign users update user data real-time
FIXED: additional fields not saving value with pluggable function
FIXED: Missing event manager translations
FIXED: Assign multiple users not working for events
FIXED: Lang not working on event manager
UPDATED: To use new eventon file location for email templates

v 2.0.2 (2016-5-9)
REQUIRES: Eventon 2.3.22
ADDED: Location coordinates to generate using eventon 2.3.22 function for new event submission
FIXED: Location address not passing from event submission form
FIXED: Google maps generation not checked for submitted events
FIXED: Manage Assigned Users button missin
UPDATED: Location and organizer drop down to show all locations

v 2.0 (2016-4-26)
REQUIRED: Eventon 2.3.21
ADDED: if user has permission to publish events override default event publish type
ADDED: support tags for event start and end time and date in notification email body
ADDED: Ability to hide repeating fields from submission form
ADDED: Appearance for forms
ADDED: Event manager to show properly formatted event time
ADDED: Ability to assign all users to an event
ADDED: Event organizer field as dropdown or create new in submission form
FIXED: missing strings in translation on form
FIXED: default primary event color not passing to submitted events
FIXED: loggedin user display name and email passed in the form
FIXED: submitter-name and submitted-email not working in notification email body
FIXED: lightbox form datepicker showing behind the form
FIXED: Unused user permissions removed
FIXED: All day value not showing in event edit for event manager
FIXED: Missing/not working translation text in event manager
FIXED: when no fields are selected submission form to show default fields
FIXED: {event-start-date} passing start event time
FIXED: Subheader for submission form not working
FIXED: Assets url to support https
UPDATED: Event Manager styles and to load them on page
UPDATED: learn more link to be converted to proper links if not submitted
UPDATED: Location field in submission form converted as one field
UPDATED: Removed rsvp enabled option for form, this will be intergrated to RSVP addon

v 1.9.4 (2016-2-26)
FIXED: Styles for form fields going outside form
FIXED: Some text in event manager not translatable
FIXED: All day not saving value in event submission form
FIXED: Event details content empty to pass no values if not set
FIXED: Date picker JQ UI theme not loading on https urls

v 1.9.3 (2016-1-24)
FIXED: Lightbox submission form not showing on mobile

v 1.9.2 (2016-1-8)
ADDED: Language translation support for event manager from language settings
ADDED: Intergration with event reviewer addon for submitted events
FIXED: UX val to support open as single event page with single event addon
FIXED: frontend yes no button not working
FIXED: edit event link not working in event manager
TESTED: event manager and submission form on same page works

v 1.9.1 (2015-12-22)
FIXED: custom fields not translating in submision form
FIXED: syntax error on class_functions.php 19

v 1.9 (2015-12-15)
ADDED: Support for submitting repeat event information
ADDED: Template customization support from child themes
ADDED: Option to disable form nonce checking
ADDED: Option to switch to basic textbox instead of WYSIWYG editor for event details
ADDED: Ability to set default image for submitted events
ADDED: Additional HTML field to support shortcodes
ADDED: The ability to delete events from event manager
FIXED: Missing ttanslation on location drop down menu
FIXED: tinymce error on form submissoin
FIXED: previously saved locations not saving all location data
FIXED: multiple event submission form not clearing data
UPDATED: term ids to category select field rows
UPDATED: Front end edit events for event manager need turned on in settings now
REQUIRED: EventON 2.3.13
NOTE: Be sure to update event manager template if using child theme

v 1.8.6 (2015-10-10)
ADDED: Learn more link open in new window option
ADDED: ability to select previously saved locations
ADDED: Missing translation for login and register
FIXED: Page content showing up inside event details in event submission form

v 1.8.5 (2015-9-27)
UODATED: continued issue with event details section for the form

v 1.8.4 (2015-9-9)
FIXED: event description not working on event manager edit event

v 1.8.3 (2015-8-26)
FIXED: user role permissions not working for some people

v 1.8.2 (2015-7-19)
FIXED: assign users popup not working correctly

v 1.8.1 (2015-7-14)
FIXED: AJAX form submissions not working

v 1.8 (2015-7-12)
ADDED: 2 new permissions for users to be able to assign users to events and view private notes
ADDED: Lightbox form with submit button
ADDED: Front-end editing capabilities with event manager [evo_event_manager]
ADDED: Location cordinated field to form
ADDED: Ability to create new categories for all 5 event types
ADDED: Support for extra additional private notes field
ADDED: Ability to order form fields
ADDED: Missing language translations to settings
ADDED: New user registration button on form
ADDED: form title and subtitle support via shortcode variables
ADDED: Ability to set to redirect form after submission
ADDED: Organizer contact field support
ADDED: Ability to submit another event w/o refreshing page
ADDED: Assigned users column for events page (wp-admin)
ADDED: support for dynamic current logged in user events only
ADDED: Ability to set default UX for submitted events
ADDED: Ability to add custom HTML text field into the form
ADDED: Restrict one event submission per user option
ADDED: Ability to create child templates for event manger template
FIXED: Custom fields set as buttons to support link & text field
FIXED: Organizer information saving properly
FIXED: all day no end time events not saving correct
FIXED: Location information saving properly
FIXED: Event color not saving correct from submission form
FIXED: Organizer field not saving correct
UPDATED: Category field to have scrollbars for long category lists
UPDATED: Better way for sending emails with event edit link and other data
UPDATED: Captcha validation to a better method
UPDATED: UI for Action User box for event edit page
UPDATED: Event color to reflect real time changes
UPDATED: AJAX driven form submission
UPDATED: Language not working on submission form
TESTED: Lang variable works fine on submission form

v 1.7.3 (2015-5-22)
UPDATED: Compatibility to eventon 2.2.30
UPDATED: users value intergration to calendar

v 1.7.2 (2015-3-31)
FIXED: Shortcode missing argument 2

v 1.7.1 (2015-1-11)
ADDED: Settings link to plugins page
FIXED: Form submissions not working from last update

v1.7 (2015-1-6)
ADDED: Compatibility with RSVP addon to allow RSVP on submitted events
FIXED: Event Details text interfering with eventon language translation
FIXED: Users variable support issues solved
FIXED: Captcha feild not tested before form submission
FIXED: Missing language translations

FIXED: Addon initial check and compatibility with eventon 2.2.18 up

v1.5 (2014-9-10)
ADDED: Learn more link to the submission form
ADDED: Ability to customize the link in the notification email
FIXED: All day events not saving correct on submission form
FIXED: Logged in user assign to submitted events not working
FIXED: Sub titles with aphostrophe not saving correct
FIXED: Custom data fields multilines to support that on front-end
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.2.17

FIXED: form submission not going through with all fields filled
FIXED: Captcha field missing translation

v1.4 (2014-8-19)

  • ADDED: Event Subtitle form field
  • ADDED: User Interaction field to the front form
  • ADDED: Guide to user capabilities list
  • ADDED: All event categories be able to be selected for submission form
  • ADDED: Missing event details text to language translations
  • ADDED: Select image file field language customization
  • ADDED: Captcha validation to submission form
  • ADDED: Ability set default category tag for category #1 and #2 for form submissions
  • FIXED: SUbmissions with google map generation on bug
  • UPDATED: User capabilities functionality
  • UPDATED: User be able to edit submitted event from wp-admin
  • UPDATED: Authors of events can now be set to edit only their events

v1.3 (2014-7-16)

  • FIXED: Yes no buttons in capacibilties page

v1.2 (2014-6-1)

  • FIXED: Yes no buttons styles not working
  • FIXED: Edit event link in email notification
  • FIXED: Compatibility with eventon 2.2.12
  • FIXED: form not showing on front-end
  • FIXED: user capabilities buttons not showing correct status


  • FIXED: Slowness in wp-admin

v1.0 (2014-5-12)

  • ADDED: Ability to select all day or no end date/time as options in the form
  • ADDED: Ability to assign event type #2 category tags to submitted events by default
  • ADDED: Send email notification when event submitted and approved for publish
  • ADDED: Admin only email notification, when new events are received
  • ADDED: Admin notification email to accept multiple email addresses to receive notifications
  • ADDED: Notification email to have a link to published event or to edit event on wp-admin
  • ADDED: Logged in users can now receive notification when they submit events
  • ADDED: Date and time field placeholder text translation to languages
  • ADDED: You can now allow logged in users to be assigned to submitted events
  • ADDED: Allow google maps to be generated from submitted event location address
  • UPDATED: to use eventON new email templates for notification emails
  • UPDATED: converted form validation to a semi AJAX and php method
  • FIXED: field values to show again in form upon failed submission

v0.7 (2014-3-4)

  • FIXED: submit event text missing from language conversion settings
  • FIXED: image not attaching for event submission form

v0.6 (2014-2-13)

  • FIXED: EventON auto update error caused by addons and compatibility to eventON 2.2.7

v0.5 (2014-1-30)

  • ADDED: several new form fields
  • ADDED: support for image update from form
  • UPDATED: compatibility with new eventON v2.2.6
  • UPDATED: Front-end form look and UI

v0.4 (2013-11-24)

  • FIXED: capabilities not showing correctly due to ajax error

v0.3 (2013-11-21)

  • UPDATED: touch up on the form UI
  • UPDATED: compatibility to eventON 2.2

v0.2 (2013-10-14)

  • FIXED: missing function error on eventon_JQ_dateformat()

v 0.1 (2013-9-16)

  • Initial release

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