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July 25, 2018

1. I can not find the “Event ID”, where can I find this?

The cal_id variable that is asked in the shortcode is not a generated value from eventON. cal_id is a unique value that can be either string or integer value to make two calendars unique from one another (in case there are more than one calendar in a page) Learn more information about cal_id.


2. Why doesn’t my shortcode work?

One reason why your short code might not work is if there are commas in the short code. Your short code should look like this without any commas separating the variables.

[code][add_eventon number_of_months=’12’ show_upcoming=’1′ month_incre=’-1′][/code]

Also when you enter the shortcode make sure to switch back to “Text” mode in wordpress text editor to check that the shortcode is cleanly typed without any HTML tags inside.

eg. [code][add_eventon number_of_months=4][/code]


3. How to add multiple Calendars in one page?

You can use the short code with “cal_id” variable to specify a unique new calendar. The “cal_id” should be a unique number or a string that is not used in your other calendar’s cal_id (that is on the same page)

Note: If you use the same cal_id on multiple calendars on the same page; this can cause the AJAX month animations to stop working.

[code][add_eventon cal_id=’1′] [add_eventon cal_id=’two’][/code]


4. How do I show “Upcoming Events” list using Template Tags?

if( function_exists(‘add_eventon_list’)) {
$args = array(
‘number_of_months’=> 5,
‘hide_past’=> ‘yes’
You can place this php code inside the page template anywhere inbetween header and footer. Keep in mind whereever you put this code is where the calendar will show.

Similar can be achieved with below shortcode

[code][add_eventon_list cal_id=’2232′ number_of_months=’5′ hide_past=’yes’][/code]


5. How to use the Template Tags?

Template tags are for advance user who is some what familiar with php. The template tag can be used instead of shortcode to add the calendar to pages. You will have to open the template page ex. “page.php” and paste the Template Tag where ever you need the calendar to appear.


6. Why doesn’t my Calendar switch months or open up events?

One of the big reasons for this is existing website javascript errors. Open your website in FireFox with Firebug or Chrome with Developer Tools (F12) and see if you find any errors marked in Red. If so fix those issues. If javascript code has errors it will stop Calendar’s Javascript (which makes everything interactive) will not run.

Another problem could be javascript files arent loaded on the page. Make sure your website’s theme/page files have

[code]<?php wp_footer();?>[/code]

In the footer.


7. How can I change the fonts on the Calendar?

In the WordPress backend under Event Calendar Setting >Appearance you can find the below input field “Primary Calendar Font Family” where you can write the name of font that you would like to use.

NOTE: make sure this font is either supported via webfonts on @font-face in your website. Also if the font name is something like “Times New Roman” make sure to type that inside quotation marks.



8. How do I change the time to 24 hour format instead or AM/PM?

Go to Settings> General on the lower part on this page you should find “Date Format” and “Time Format” settings for your website. Simply making changes in here to reflect 24 hour time format will change the time on Event Calendar to 24 hour time format.



9. Single event page doesn’t work and shows “page not found”

Update permalink by going to Settings> Permalink  click Save changes.


10. Can I add multiple calendars in EventON?

Yes you can. Follow these instructions on adding eventon calendar using eventon shortcode generator. In order to add multiple eventon calendars, simple create a new page open shortcode generator or paste eventon shortcode in the new page.


11. How can I change the appearance of the calendar?

You can very easily customize variable appearance options such as font family, font colors, box colors, background colors by going to myEventon> settings> Appearance

You can further customize the CSS of eventon at your will and a basic guide can be found here.


12. Am I able to customize calendar front-end text to other languages?

Yes, you can easily change text shown on front-end eventon calendar to any language text you can via myeventon> languages. You can add upto 3 custom languages that you can later choose via shortcodes with variables like eg. lang=’L1′.


13. Does EventON support custom languages?

Yes, but not in ways other plugins do. As mention in above question you can customize front-end calendar languages to what ever custom text you can easily. For wp-admin pages eventon comes with POT file that can be used to convert to your custom language text using a third party plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/


14. Does eventon comes with all the addons?

No, eventON base plugin is sold exclusively via codecanyon and does not come with any addons. Addons need to be purchased separately from myeventon.com.

EventON addons are sold as yearly subscription, meaning you get updates and support for the duration of your active license. You can however cancel your addon subscription at any time within the year and you will still be able to get updates and support until the one year license period expire for the addons.


15. Why are there lot of addons and why aren’t they included in the main plugin?

The main theory behind addons is – not every one need all the functionality packed in Eventon and we want to allow our eventon users to extend its functionality based on the user need. Please don’t complain that the addons should be included in the main plugin, if you don’t like the way we are selling this please move on. (I have to say this because I have gotten so many complains from people)


16. Where can I get support for eventon?

The official place to get support for eventon is via options provided in this page http://www.myeventon.com/support/


17. My eventon calendar is not working what should I do?

First off, you are a smart person!  please follow our What to check if eventON is not working article to figure out what kind of issues you are having with eventon. If its a javascript error try to make sense of it, most of the time it could be another plugin causing conflicts. If the javascript errors are coming from eventon send us a message via codecanyon forum.

If its a php related functional issue, try the #3.0 in that article and debug wordpress. If you don’t understand the debug code send us a message with that code and we can help.

Sending us a more detailed message with your diagnosis of the issue would help solve your issues lot faster than just saying its not working 🙂


18. Some data fields (like RSVP box, Add to calendar etc.) are not showing in my eventon eventcard, why is this?

Once you activate these new data field boxes make sure to go to myeventon> settings> eventCard and under Re-arrange the order of eventCard event data boxes – make sure the new box is showing up and placed correct. Then click Save Changes


19. How can I get new updates to eventON and its addons?

We have a documentation with full details on getting updates to eventon plugins here. Please follow that details.


20. How can I restore appearance, settings and custom styles after plugin update?

(evo v2.2.16) This is something we are working on making it automatic. But at the moment when you update eventon it will replace your appearance styles and custom css you may have added to myeventon> styles with default style file. What you need to do is; after updating the plugin go to myEventon> settings and click save changes without doing any changes. This will override default styles in the style file that comes with the update with your previously saved styles.


21. How to add parameters to shortcode?

Adding another parameter/variable into your already used eventon shortcode is very simple.

eg. Lets say this is your original shortcode

[code][add_eventon jumper=’yes’][/code]

If you want to add mo1st parameter for example to make the months focus on 1st of month when switching months, you would update the shortcode as below

[code][add_eventon jumper=’yes’ mo1st=’yes’][/code]

Learn more about other shortcode parameters you can use.


22. Why is my calendar showing a different month than current month?

Couple of things can cause this.

#1. Make sure your shortcode for the incorrect calendar does not have fixed_month or month_incre (shortcode guide) parameters set to yes, which could alter current month. If you do remove that and see if that solve the issue.

#2. Make sure you have the correct timezone saved under Settings> General for wp-admin (not eventon settings)



23. How can I activate other sort options?

Sort options for events are event type categories (which as also called taxonomies). You can activate upto 5 of these categories by going to myEventon> Settings > Categories

If you want to show these on calendars under Sort Options you can activate those by going to myEventon> Settings > Sorting and Filtering.


24. How can I have events be open when the calendar loads instead of having to click them open?

Into your eventon shortcode add evc_open=’yes’


25. Can I limit number of events shown in the calendar at a time?

Yes, you should see option for this in the shortcode generator. You can also add event_count=’5′ parameter to your shortcode to show only 5 events for the month in this example. See #21 for how to add parameters to shortcode.


26. How to show more fields on event top?


Go to  myEventon> Settings> EventTop  and select other fields you want to show on eventtop.


27. Why do I see big gaps in my calendar?

Go to wp-admin edit page where you have the calendar shortcode. In WYSIWYG editor on TEXT MODE make sure the shortcode does not have any unnecessary html codes inside it and its just the clear shortcode. If you see any other random codes remove them.


28. How to add eventon javascript files to any page on my site?

Open this page template PHP files in text editor and add the below code before header codes.


global $eventon;





Note: This can be used to load required eventon javascript files for eventon interactive features to work on pages of your website that are loaded dynamically (via AJAX) within another page that does not have eventon.


29. How to fix multiple google maps API loading on my site?

Go to myEventon> Settings> Google Maps API and click disable google maps API and select google maps javascript file only.



30. How to change the start of the week?

Go to Settings > General  in your wordpress wp-admin. In there you should find the option to change the week start on value and this is also reflected on eventon.


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